Overflow error on Samsung washing machine

Last Update date : 2023-09-12

OE stands for overflow of water error. and it becomes apparent when the level sensor sends a signal to the washing machine indicating that there is more water than is required for the chosen program. In order to drain the water, the machine stops washing and activates the pump.

Reason for OE/ OF Error

In this case, you can fix the issue by choosing the right type and amount of detergent.

1 Liquid or powder detergent

Remove the tray for powder and do not exceed the max line.

2 Softener

Do not exceed the max line 

In this case, follow below steps to solve the issue:

1 Run dry wash

You can run dry laundry without doing laundry.With the hose's correct connection to the sewer, the flooding by sewage will stop, and the overflow code will no longer "pop-out". 

2 Bent the drain hose gently

Try to bend the drain hose gently to check that nothing is blocking it and that the water is flowing inside the hose. 

3 Install the drain hose correctly

Make sure that you installed the drain hose correctly for a better operation. 

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