What should I do if there are no bubbles on the Eco bubble course?

Last Update date : 2021-11-10

A washing machine cleans your clothes by mixing water with detergent to remove dirt and stains from the fabric. Samsung’s Ecobubble technology reduces the surface tension of the water, thereby allowing it to mix the detergent more easily into a powerful yet gentle foam that better penetrates fabrics better.

Experience the Eco bubble wash

Eco bubble wash is Samsung’s unique technology that changes detergent into bubbles before it touches fabric and evenly distributes the bubbles to clothes to permeate into fabrics faster. The numerous tiny bubbles resulting from the mixture increase interfacial tension between the stain and the fabric, allowing the detergent to instantly penetrate the stain.

The Ecobubble™ washing machine contains a special component called the Bubble Generator. Just as the wash cycle begins, the generator uses an initial water intake, creates a concentrated detergent solution, and sucks large quantities of air into the flow, pumping this mix rapidly up into the wash drum. After pressing ‘Start’ you can see a rising cushion of soapy rich bubbles.

If you soak laundry in the bubbles for 30 minutes, the bubbles will permeate deep into the fabric and remove all difficult stain. These bubbles help remove stains even at low temperatures. Furthermore, the time and energy that would have been used to heat the water or pre-soak the laundry can be saved. Ecobubble also helps to preserve functional or delicate fabrics.

eco bubble wash

If no bubbles are seen

The bubbles may not be visible when using the eco bubble wash, due to Samsung washing machine's low water use and economical operation. It’s not a mechanical problem.

  • Check if the LED on the eco bubble wash button is on.
  • Check if there is too little laundry in the washing machine.
  • In case of heavily soiled laundry, bubbles may not be generated very well.

Note: If a problem persists, please contact a local Samsung service center for further support. 

Related features

Bubble Soak helps remove a wide variety of stubborn stains. With this, the laundry is thoroughly soaked in water bubbles for effective washing.

How to use

  • Press Power to turn on the washing machine.
  • Turn the Cycle Selector to select a cycle. 
  • After then, press to activate/deactivate the Bubble Soak function. (Blue box in the image below)
  • It is available with and adds up to 30 minutes to 5 cycles: COTTON, SYNTHETICS, BEDDING, DAILY WASH, BABY CARE, and DENIM
bubble soak button on the display


  • The actual design of the display panel may differ depending on the type of product you have.
  • Please find a user manual with the specific model number that you have.
  • This image is a reference in English but it is also available in the language of your country.

Super Eco Wash function activates in eco bubble cycle mode. When you set the low temperature eco bubble cycle mode, it helps reduce the power consumption.

super eco wash on the display


  • The max. load of the Super eco wash is 4 kg.
  • The actual design of the display panel may differ depending on the type of model that you have.
  • This image is for reference in English but it is also available in the language of your country. 

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