What to do if there is a water leakage on the Samsung AC indoor unit?

Last Update date : 2022-07-27

Water leakage in Samsung Split Air-Conditioner might be due to improper drain hose condition, drain pipe/ drain hose blockage, or Improper slope or wrong installation.



Note: Precautions

Water is a conductor of electricity and if you step on it with a live wire and have no protection, accidents may happen. Please follow some precautionary measures:

  • Remove the plug from the electrical socket.
  • Turn off the circuit breaker.
Checking the water leakage
1 Start collecting the water in a bucket while water drips.
2 The drain pipe may not be fixed in slope, if yes, please fix its slope position
3 Cleaning the air filter regularly will help to improve the AC and avoid the leakage issue.
4 For the rest of the reasons, an Engineer visit is required.
How to clean the AC filter
1 Removing the air filter

  • Open front panel.

  • Pull the Air filter towards you and slide it down.
2 Cleaning air filter.

  • Clean air filter by washing the filter with running water.

  • Dry air filter in a ventilated area. Odor can occur if the air filter is not dried completely or dries in a confined (or humid) area.
3 Reassembling air filter.

  • Insert air filter back in its original position and close the front panel.

After reassembling the AC filter you have to:

  • Start it on the fan mood for 30 minutes then you can choose the cooling option.
  • Choose the temperature on auto mood.
  • Close all the windows or doors inside the place.


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