How to find a bluetooth device and connect your galaxy earbuds correctly

Last Update date : 2022-02-03

There are many possible reasons in which the Galaxy Buds may not be able to find a bluetooth device to pair with it. Please check some reasons and solutions below: 

Step 1. Check the direction of each earbud and correctly insert them into their corresponding slots in the charging case.

Step 2. Close the charging case.

Step 3. Open the charging case. The earbuds will enter Bluetooth pairing mode automatically. 

Step 4. On your mobile device, activate the Bluetooth feature to connect the earbuds to your mobile device, launch the Galaxy Wearable app, and then follow the on-screen instructions to complete the connection. 

Note :

  • Ensure that your earbuds and the other Bluetooth device are within the Bluetooth connection range (10 m).
  • The distance may vary depending on the environment the  devices are used in.

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