How do I view details for Samsung SmartTag?

Last Update date : 2021-06-06

You can view details for SmartTag status such as volume adjustment,  change ringtone, and so on below image.

1. Nearby: When a tag is connected to a phone

2. Not near you: When a tag is not connected

To SmartThings Find to see where a tag is.

1. When double press the tag button, the connected mobile phone will be ringing so user can find their phone easily.

2. It is enabled when the feature is on. (default off)

3. A phone connected to a tag will ring maximum 1mins for maximum volume even if it is muted. It can be stopped by slide the screen or double pressing the tag button again.

Ring the tag when you touch the “play”, the button will be changed to “stop”

A ringtone turns on when enabled. Apply it to setup the ringtone.

  • You can check Tag battery status.
  • If the battery is lower then 5%, you can know by push notification.
  • Also, you can find how to replace the battery in Help menu.
  • When replacing batteries, the battery cover must be removed using a tool.

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