How to move from iOS phone to Samsung?

Last Update date : 2021-03-20

Smart Switch would let you seamlessly transfer all your content from your previous iOS phone to a Samsung Galaxy phone. You can also create a backup of your iOS device and sync data using Smart Switch for a Mac or PC.

Before you try out below recommendations, be sure to check if your device's software is updated with latest version. Please check how to update your mobile device's software in following order. 

Step 1. Go to Settings > Software update.

Step 2. Tap on Download and install

Step 3. Follow the on-screen instructions.

Transfer content wirelessly from your iOS phone


When you're ready, transferring all your content from your iCloud to your new phone is simple. Remember, you need to sync your iOS device's data to iCloud first before transferring.

Step 1. Launch Smart Switch on the new Galaxy phone.

Step 2. If this is your first time using Smart Switch, you will need to tap Agree and then tap Allow to accept the terms of service.

Step 3. Then, tap Receive data. Tap iPhone/iPad, and then tap Get data from iCloud instead at the bottom of the screen.

Step 4. Enter your Apple ID and password, and then tap Sign into iCloud.

Step 5. Enter the verification code, and then tap OK. Select the data you want to transfer and tap Import.


The following data can be transferred from iCloud:

  • Personal content: Contacts, Schedule, and Notes.
  • App data: Photos, Videos (DRM free content only), and Documents.
  • Settings, etc: Wi-Fi and Alarms.


  • To make sure all your latest content is ready for transfer, first you'll need to sync your iOS phone to iCloud.
  • On your iOS phone, navigate to Settings, and then tap your Apple ID. Tap iCloud, and then select the desired data to sync. The sync will happen automatically.
Transfer content via USB cable

You can also use a USB cable to transfer content between your iOS phone and your new Galaxy phone.

However, you will need both the iOS cable that came with your iOS phone and a Micro-USB to USB adapter (OTG cable). Also, make sure both phones are charged beforehand since you can't charge them during the transfer.

Step 1. Launch Smart Switch on the new Galaxy phone, and then tap Receive data.

Step 2. Tap iPhone/iPad. Connect the two phones using the iOS phone's lightning cable and the USB-OTG adapter that came with your Galaxy phone.

Step 3. Tap Trust on the iOS phone. Tap Next on the Galaxy phone. Select the content you want to transfer, and then tap Transfer.

Step 4. Select the app you want to download on the Google Play Store and tap Install.

Step 5. When finished, tap Next on the new phone to complete the setup.

The following data can be transferred with a USB cable:

  • Personal content: Contacts, Schedule, Messages, Notes, and Bookmarks.
  • App data: Photos, Music (DRM free content only), Videos (DRM free content only), Documents, Apps and Voice Memos.
  • Settings, etc: WallPaper/LockScreen, Home layout, Wi-Fi and Alarm/Clock.
Restore an iPhone backup on a computer to Galaxy phone.

You should have iPhone backup data from iTunes or Finder in your Windows or Mac.

Step 1. Connect your old phone to your computer with a USB cable, and tap Allow on your phone.

Step 2. Navigate to and open Smart Switch on your computer, and then select Restore.

Step 3. Select your backup data and change backup type to iTunes backup data.

Step 4. Select items to be restored and click OK.

Step 5. Click Restore Now and Smart Switch will begin restoring your iPhone data to your Galaxy device.

Note: Available settings and screens may vary by wireless service provider, software version, and device.

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