How to start your Galaxy Phone in Safe Mode

Last Update date : 2022-05-16

What is Safe Mode?

Powering on your device in Safe Mode can help determine the root cause of any issues you may have been experiencing, such as battery drainage, lagging, freezing, abnormal data usage, etc.
Safe Mode will disable all non-default apps on your device and will run purely off the Android OS, meaning you will be able to isolate any issues to confirm if it is being caused by a 3rd party application.

How to start your device in Safe Mode?

1 Power off your device by holding down the Power button and then tapping on Power off.
2 Power on your device by holding down the Power button. As soon as the Samsung Logo pops up, press and hold down the Volume Down key until your device as rebooted.
3 You will now be able to see Safe Mode down the near the bottom left of the screen.

From here test out your device to see if the issue you have been experiencing is evident in Safe Mode

To exit Safe Mode, simply restart your device.

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