How to start your Galaxy Phone in Safe Mode

Last Update date : 2023-06-23

What is Safe Mode?

Enabling Safe Mode on your device can assist in identifying the underlying source of any problems you might have encountered, such as battery drainage, lagging, freezing, excessive data usage, and more.

By activating Safe Mode, all non-default apps on your device will be deactivated, allowing it to operate purely on the Android OS. This enables you to pinpoint any issues and verify whether they are stemming from a third-party application.

How to start your device in Safe Mode?

1 Power off your device by holding down the Power button and Volume down button then tap and hold on Power off.
Power off icon
2 And then tap on Safe mode.
Safe mode
3 You will now be able to see Safe Mode down near the bottom left of the screen.
Safe mode is activated

From here test out your device to see if the issue you have been experiencing is evident in Safe Mode

To exit Safe Mode, simply restart your device.

exit Safe Mode

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