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Connect your phone to your Samsung Soundbar for an elevated home entertainment experience

Whether you are enjoying a relaxing, quiet time with yourself or entertaining a group of friends at home, a quality sound system can elevate the experience to a whole new level.


With Samsung Soundbars, you can easily elevate your listening experience to the next level with just your mobile phone!


Fan favourites include S60/61B and S800B/S801B from the S series, which are popular with consumers for its minimalist design and smooth finishes:



Upgrade your listening pleasure

●  Organic design that blends into any room

●  Compact in size but rich in sound, perfect for all occasions

●  Play music and more with just a simple tap!

●  Sounds that surrounds you and fills the room

*Not available in Samsung Philippines


Bring sounds to another level in your home

●  Sleek and ultra slim design that fits anywhere

●  Stream the music you love easily with voice or remote control

●  Tap and play enabled for effortless enjoyment

●  Get wireless surround sound no matter where you are at home

●  Enjoy 3D sound for the ultimate immersive experience

Tap Sound: Convenience is just a tap away

All Samsung Soundbars can be connected to your mobile device through Bluetooth but if your Soundbar has Tap Sound feature*, impress guests with unparalleled audio experience with just one tap!

Ensure that the Tap Sound feature is turned on in the SmartThings app on your Galaxy mobile device. Here’s how to do it:

1. Select Menu in the SmartThings app

2. Tap on the Settings icon

3. Toggle on Tap View, Tap Sound

Once you’ve enabled Tap Sound, using Tap To Play is super easy! Just tap the Soundbar with your compatible Samsung mobile device. Your phone and Soundbar will automatically connect via Bluetooth.


Check out the full range of Samsung Soundbars to fit your needs here.


  • Ensure you have first Connected SmartThings to your Samsung Soundbar.

  • This function is only compatible with selected Samsung Soundbars from 2020 onwards and on Samsung mobile devices with Android 8.1 or later.

  • To use Tap View, update your SmartThings app to version 1.7.45 or higher. It is available to download from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

  • When the mobile device is in power-saving mode, the Tap Sound function does not work.

  • The Tap Sound function may not work if there are devices near the Soundbar that cause radio interference such as electric devices. Make sure devices that may cause radio interference are placed at a sufficient distance away from the Soundbar.

  • Ensure you are playing audio content on your phone by tapping the Soundbar with your phone.

  • To avoid damaging the device accidentally, you need to tap gently. Tapping your device on the corner of the soundbar directly can cause serious damage to the phone or soundbar. You can add a protective case to your phone for extra security if needed. For best results, you should tap the back of your phone against the top or side of your TV frame.