Odor or smoke from Samsung oven

Last Update date : Jan 17. 2024
Samsung slide-in range with food cooking inside

Experiencing occasional smoke or odors from your oven can be a normal part of cooking. However, it's important to understand when these signs are typical and when they might indicate a problem. Let’s explore three common scenarios: first-time use, during self-cleaning, and normal use, and what you should expect in each.

Note: This information applies to ranges sold in Canada. Be aware that birds are extremely sensitive to fumes from self-cleaning ovens. It's best to keep birds in well-ventilated areas, away from the range during use.

It’s not unusual for a new oven to emit a faint, gas-like odor the first time it's used. This usually results from the plastic packaging and protective oil coating. To minimize this before first use:

  1. Remove all plastic and packing materials, including any zip ties on the oven racks.

  2. Ensure the area is well ventilated.

  3. Run a Bake cycle at 400 degrees Fahrenheit (205 °C) for an hour.

This process burns off the protective oils and grime from manufacturing, which can produce an unpleasant smell and some smoke.

Note: Always ensure good ventilation, such as opening a window or using an exhaust fan, during the Self-Clean function.

It's normal to notice smoke and unusual odors during the self-cleaning process. This happens as food residue and grime inside the oven are incinerated.

Note: If you encounter smoke or strange odors during regular use, immediately ventilate the area by opening a window or turning on an exhaust fan.

Check the oven cavity for spills or food debris that might not have been cleaned. These can burn during cooking, causing smoke and odors. Cleaning up the spills usually resolves this issue. If the residue is stubborn, consider using the Self Clean or Steam Clean functions.

However, if you notice these odors or smoke when the oven is clean, it may indicate a deeper issue. In such cases, it’s advisable to visit our Service Centre or request professional service to ensure your appliance is functioning safely and efficiently.

  • Regular maintenance: Regularly wipe down your oven interior after use and check for food particles or grease buildup.

  • Natural remedies: For mild odors, consider using natural remedies like a bowl of vinegar or lemon juice in the oven at low heat to neutralize smells.

  • Proper use of cookware: Ensure you’re using the right cookware for your dishes. Incorrect cookware can sometimes contribute to excessive smoke or odors.

Understanding your Samsung oven's behavior is key to enjoying a safe and pleasant cooking experience. Remember, routine care and correct usage are the best ways to keep your oven performing at its best.

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