Samsung AirDresser is noisy

Last Update date : Jan 17. 2024
A Samsung AirDresser's control panel, with a prominent sound wave graphic superimposed, illustrating the range of noise levels emitted by the device

Your Samsung AirDresser is a sophisticated appliance designed to keep your clothes fresh, but like any machine, it makes certain sounds during operation. While it's generally quiet, understanding the normal sounds it makes - and recognizing unusual ones - can help ensure it's functioning correctly.

Note: This guide refers to AirDressers sold in Canada.

The AirDresser emits sounds during various processes. Knowing these can help you identify normal operation sounds:

  • Compressor activity: This is heard when the compressor runs to regulate temperature.

  • Air circulation: A soft whirring sound occurs during air circulation within the unit.

  • Steam process: Expect a hissing or light rumbling noise before and during steaming.

  • Water movement: Sounds of water draining or being pumped out are normal, as is the flow of water through the pipes in the Refill Tank, especially noticeable when the door is opened.

It's important to be aware of sounds that aren't typical:

  • Unusual Loudness: If any of the normal sounds become significantly louder than when the AirDresser was new.

  • Strange Noises: Sounds that don't fit into the categories mentioned above, such as grinding, banging, or continuous beeping.

If you encounter any of these unusual noises, it's advisable to turn off the appliance and seek professional assistance.

For support and service, visit our Service Centre. Whether it's a quick question or you need to request service, our team is ready to assist you in ensuring your AirDresser operates smoothly.

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