Easy steps to get your Samsung AirDresser to start successfully

Last Update date : Feb 15. 2024
Someone pressing the Start button on the control panel of a Samsung AirDresser

If your Samsung AirDresser won't power on, the first steps involve ensuring it's properly plugged in and checking the power source. If your AirDresser has power but won't start, ensure the door is fully closed, check the Child Lock status, and listen for the sound of water flowing.

Note: This information is specific to AirDressers sold in Canada.

  • Ensure the power cord is firmly connected to the AirDresser and the wall outlet.

  • Verify that the circuit breaker hasn't tripped and is in the on position.

  • Confirm the power cord is plugged into a functioning 120V outlet.

Note: If your AirDresser still won't turn on, please visit our Service Centre for further assistance or to request service.

Caution: The AirDresser is designed for use with filtered water only. Using any other liquid can cause malfunctions. If you've used a different liquid, please visit our Service Centre for service.

  • Check the display panel for any messages indicating why the AirDresser may not be functioning.

  • Ensure Child Lock is deactivated.

  • Double-check that the door is securely closed.

  • Listen for the sound of water flowing or boiling, indicating the AirDresser is preparing for a steam cycle, which is a normal part of its operation.

Note: If the issue persists and your AirDresser still doesn't run, please visit our Service Centre to request service.

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