Samsung AirDresser - Cannot connect to SmartThings (DF60R8200DG)

Last Update date : Aug 14. 2021
Samsung AirDresser - Cannot connect to SmartThings (DF60R8200DG)

With SmartThings, you can monitor and control your AirDresser, no matter where you are. If you are unable to connect your AirDresser to SmartThings, this guide will help.

Note: The provided information refers to AirDressers sold in Canada. The available settings and options may differ for appliances sold in other countries.

Get the right SmartThings app

  • Check your app

Make sure you have the correct SmartThings app and did not accidentally download SmartThings Classic. Below you can see the icon for the correct SmartThings app:

Check your app

  • Update the app

The newer SmartThings app has gotten several updates. Visit the Play Store or App Store to confirm that the latest version of the app is installed. If Update displays, select it to update to the latest version.

Set up SmartThings

  • If the device is already connected to your home's network, connect the mobile device you're running SmartThings on to the same network for an easier setup method. Open SmartThings and a popup prompt to add the AirDresser should be displayed.
  • Otherwise, open SmartThings and touch the Add device icon (the plus sign). Touch Device and then touch AirDresser. Touch Samsung, and then touch AirDresser again.
Open SmartThings and touch the Add device icon (the plus sign). Touch Device and then touch AirDresser. Touch Samsung, and then touch AirDresser.

After this point, the exact steps will vary depending on network conditions and the device you are connecting. Carefully read and follow all on screen directions to finish SmartThings setup.

Note: You can find more information on connecting devices to SmartThings at the SmartThings website.

Verify the network requirements

Note: If SmartThings setup fails anywhere between 33% and 80%, it is due to an issue with the home's network.

1 Check your passwords.

During setup, up to three different passwords may be necessary, depending on your setup path. Don't get them confused!

  • The first password you might need is the one for your Samsung Account. Some mobile devices will remember this password for you, if you have ever previously added the account to your mobile device.
  • The main password of course is the password for your home's network.

The most common reason for setup to fail is that the network's password was not entered correctly. Try the following:

  • Always enable the show password setting. Even if you have the right password, this helps confirm that it's being entered correctly.
  • To double-check your password, use it to connect any other Wi-Fi device (like the mobile device you're using for setup) to the same network. If the device already has the password, have the device forget it so you can enter it in again. If you are able to connect to the network after entering the password, then you know you have the right password.
2 Verify your network's settings.

In most cases, the default settings for home networks are fine. However, if the network settings have been adjusted, or the router that you are using is very old, confirm that they meet the requirements of the device.

Note: The Samsung AirDresser cannot connect to 5GHz networks, only 2.4 GHz.

If assistance with configuring network settings is needed, contact your internet service provider if they provided the router, or the manufacturer of the router if it was bought separately.

3 Check the network's signal strength.

On your mobile device, connect to the network, and then hold the mobile device next to the device you are connecting and check the signal strength. If it is only 1 or 2 bars, the signal may be too weak for the device to connect to.

To fix this, move the router and device closer to each other, or use other technology to increase the router's signal strength, like a repeater.

4 Reduce the number of connected devices on the network.

Disconnect all other Wi-Fi devices from the network and then try to connect the device.

If this does the trick when none of the previous steps worked, it means you have more devices connected than your router can handle and you may need to upgrade your router or connect fewer devices.

5 Power cycle the network.

Step 1 - Unplug every network-related device (such as router, modem, etc), and the device you're trying to connect.

Step 2 - Beginning at the wall the internet signal comes from, plug in the first device and allow it to finish booting up.

Step 3 - Creating a path between the internet signal and the device you're trying to connect, plug in the next device in the path and allow it to finish booting up. Repeat until all devices in the path are powered back on, including the device.

Step 4 - Try connecting to the network again.

6 Try connecting to a different network.

One method to help figure out what might be causing the issue is to try connecting to a different network than the one you've been trying to connect to.

If the device can connect to networks without using SmartThings, and your mobile device can perform as a hotspot, create a hotspot and try to connect the device to it.

Note: If the device can connect to any other network, service is not required, and you know the issue is with the first network. Review the steps above to troubleshoot the network, or contact your internet service provider or the manufacturer of your router for further assistance.

Report the issue to SmartThings

Try different setup methods

If you have easy access to any of the following, try making these changes to your setup process to see if it allows setup to complete.

  • Try using a different mobile device.
  • Try using a different type of mobile device (Android instead of iOS or vice versa).
  • Try using a different Samsung account.
  • Try connecting a different device.

Note: If the setup works one way but not another, please contact us to let us know.

Report the problem

If the issue continues, please collect as much of the following information as possible:

  • The model of the mobile device(s) setup was attempted with.
  • The version of the app (open the menu, then touch the Settings icon , scroll to the bottom, and select About SmartThings).
  • The exact step where the error occurs.
  • The exact wording of any error messages that occur.

Once as much information is collected as possible, report the problem within the SmartThings app. Open the menu, and then touch Help. Finally, touch Report a problem.

Contact us (Canadian customers only)

Text WE CARE (932 273) and get quick support from a technical expert who will be able to assist you via text. Another preferred way to access 24/7 support is via Live Chat. If you prefer interact with our technical expert over the phone, just call 1-800-SAMSUNG and get support at your convenience between 9:00 am EST and 9:00 pm EST. Those are only some of the ways we support you.

Thank you for your feedback!

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