Samsung AirDresser - Refresh your wardrobe (DF60R8200DG)

Last Update date : Oct 29. 2020
Samsung AirDresser - Refresh your wardrobe (DF60R8200DG)

If you don’t have time to buy new clothes for an important event coming up, look to your AirDresser to quickly freshen up the outfit that has been sitting in your closet. Your AirDresser helps revitalize and steam your garments so they are prepped for any occasion. It’s great for airing out a sweater you wore for only a few hours, or refreshing your musty bedroom blankets.

The provided information refers to AirDressers sold in Canada. The available settings and options may differ for appliances sold in other countries.

Benefits of the AirDresser

Disguised as a sleek closet, your AirDresser makes caring for your clothing easy with several features.

Benefits of the AirDresser

The AirDresser combines powerful steam and air to relax light wrinkles and remove 99% of bacteria (1), dust mites (2) and odors (3) from your clothing, with special care cycles that are specific to different fabric types. When your favorite shirt is creased, use your AirDresser’s steam function to release wrinkles. Or, quickly dry a coat after a rainstorm so it’s ready for your next outing. With all these benefits, your AirDresser is sure to become a vital appliance in your home.

Disclaimer: (1) Based on Intertek report RT18E-S0009_R1 dated Aug 29, 2018, using the Sanitize cycle eliminates 99.9% of E. coli and S. aureus bacteria. (2) Based on Intertek report 180800039SEL-001 datedd Aug 24, 2018, using Sanitize cycle eliminates 99% of house dust mites. (3) Based on Intertek report RT19E-S0029 dated Dec 30, 2018, using Normal cycle eliminates 99% of isovaleric acid, 4-ethenylpyridine, valeraldehyde, and tetrachloroethylene.

AirDresser do’s and don'ts

You may want to put everything in your AirDresser, but certain fabrics are not suitable for the device’s cycles.

To help ensure you don't accidentally damage any items, carefully review the tags and fabric care instructions to determine the recommended cycles. Avoid using your AirDresser for materials that are heat-sensitive, such as rubber or latex, and anything porous, such as a sponge.

Here are a few points to consider when using your AirDresser:

  • Don't use your AirDresser for heavily soiled or stained items.
  • Do use your standard washer and dryer for these items.
  • Don't use your AirDresser as a substitute for items that require dry cleaning.
  • Do check the garment’s care tag to determine if professional dry cleaning is required.
  • Don't use the regular Drying Cycle for delicate items such as fur stoles and leather jackets, or for frail items such as lace, chiffon, or anything with embellishments.
  • Do use the AirDresser’s specified Fur/Leather and Delicate Cycles to remove dust and odors.
AirDresser accessories

Your AirDresser includes several parts that can be used with a variety of clothing and household items. Insert the parts you need to get the most out of each care cycle.

Use the Air Hangers for your standard wardrobe of shirts, pants, skirts, uniforms, coats, and suits. These slide into the air holes located at the top of the AirDresser, so your items stay smooth.

AirDresser accessories

Also included is a Weight Kit, which is great for trousers and long skirts that need to be kept straight to avoid creases. Remove the Weight Kit from the Accessory Rack, attach it to the bottom end of the garment, and then place on the Air Hanger to ensure the item remains taut. Pants should be hung upside down, with the legs clipped to the hanger and the Weight Kit on the waistband.

For smaller items that can’t be hung, such as hats and gloves, use the Accessory care zone and Built-in Shelf.

The Accessory care zone includes a rack for securing lighter items, like scarves and wraps. Hats, stuffed toys, sheets, and pillows can be positioned on the Built-in Shelf to create room for other items you’d prefer to hang.

Frequently Asked Questions about the AirDresser

Does the AirDresser replace dry cleaning?

You can remove allergens and odors from your clothing with special care cycles that are specific to different fabric types. When your favorite shirt is creased, use your AirDresser’s steam function to eliminate wrinkles. Or, quickly dry a coat after a rainstorm so it’s ready for your next outing. With all these benefits, your AirDresser is sure to become a vital appliance in your home.

Does the AirDresser replace ironing?

While the AirDresser will relax light wrinkles from most fabrics, more stubborn wrinkles may still require ironing. For clothes that shouldn't be ironed, they will need to be dry cleaned or professionally steamed.

Does the AirDresser require a water line connection like my Samsung steam dryer?

No water line connection is needed. Simply fill the water reservoir tank located on the bottom right of the AirDresser with filtered water.

Is the AirDresser safe to put other things next to? Does it give off heat or moisture?

The AirDresser does not emit any heat or moisture. However, we do recommend a minimum clearance of 1 inch on the top, .2 inches on the sides, and .6 inches at the rear.

What safety features does the AirDresser come with?

  • The Child Lock feature deactivates all buttons except Power. Tap and hold for 3 seconds to turn Child Lock on or off.
  • The door can be opened from the inside. Instead of using a latch, it is only a magnetic enclosure.
  • During installation, the AirDresser can be secured with an anti-tip strap.

Can I dehumidify a room with the AirDresser?

When the door is open, the Room Care cycle will dehumidify the immediate area surrounding your AirDresser by drawing in air from the room, extracting moisture, and expelling dry air. This cycle can run for either 2 or 4 hours. Before starting the cycle, remove all items from the AirDresser, and keep the door open as the cycle runs. The temperature inside the AirDresser may increase.

What type of water do I put in the AirDresser?

For optimal performance, only use filtered water to fill the water reservoir.

What is the Built-In Shelf for? How do I use it?

The Built-In Shelf is great for items that can't be hung, like hats, sweaters, and toys. Remove the Built-In Shelf from the inside of the AirDresser door, then slide it into the track in the center of the AirDresser so that it lays flat.

What is the Weight Kit for? How do I use it?

The Weight Kit is designed to relax wrinkles from long garments, like pants. Clip the garment to the Air Hanger, remove the Weight Kit from the Accessory Rack, and attach it to the bottom of the garment. Pants should be hung upside down with the legs clipped to the Air Hanger and the Weight Kit clipped to the waistband.

Do the SmartThings features work with both Android and iOS devices?

Yes, the AirDresser works with SmartThings, which is available on both Android and iOS devices.

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