Dealing with surface imperfections on your Samsung electric cooktop

Last Update date : Sep 09. 2023
A Samsung electric cooktop

The sleek, smooth finish of your electric or induction cooktop adds an elegant touch to your kitchen. However, without proper care, stains and blemishes can mar its appearance.

Note: The information provided pertains to cooktops available in Canada.

Someone is cleaning a Samsung electric cooktop

Most marks, even those that feel smooth or seem embedded, can often be removed. First, attempt to clean the cooktop using recommended methods to see if the marks can be eliminated.

Highlighted pattern in the glass of a Samsung electric cooktop

It's essential to recognize that there's a grid-like layer between the cooktop surface and the burner. If the burner element appears to have a pattern, this is perfectly normal and does not indicate a glass defect.

Important: Any marks, spots, bubbling, or cloudiness on the cooktop surface that cannot be cleaned off are considered cosmetic damage and are not covered by warranty. In most cases, resolving such damage necessitates the replacement of the entire cooktop surface.

Proper cleaning and understanding the cooktop's design are key to preserving its aesthetic appeal. For any cosmetic damage beyond cleaning, our Service Centre offers solutions to ensure your cooktop remains in top condition. In addition, you can explore the available out-of-warranty service options.

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