Samsung Dishwasher - Deep clean your appliance

Last Update date : Aug 30. 2022
dishwasher deep clean

Cleaning is an important part of maintaining your dishwasher. There are two types of cleaning that should be performed on your dishwasher: routine cleaning that should be done routinely and deep cleaning that should be done as needed.

The provided information refers to dishwashers sold in Canada. The available settings and options may differ for appliances sold in other countries.

When performing a routine clean, gently wipe down the outside of the dishwasher and control panel with a soft, damp, cloth. Once the outside is clean, clean the filter. For the final step, place an 8-ounce cup (or 235 ml) of distilled white vinegar in the lower basket, and then run a Sanitize cycle.

For a deep clean, you'll want to remove the nozzles and filter and soak them overnight in distilled white vinegar. This will remove any minerial deposits and grime that have clogged up or are causing an odor.

Many dishwashers have a removable filter to make cleaning it easier. If yours has a removable filter, see the steps below. If these steps do not match your model, refer to your user manual for the correct steps. If your manual does not provide steps, then your model does not have a removable filter. In this case, just clean the bottom of the dishwasher tub everywhere you can reach. 

clean dishwasher

Remove the Lower Rack. Rotate the filter handle counterclockwise to unfasten the filter compartment door. Remove the filter door, and then remove the filter. Remove dirt or other remains from the filter and the filter door. Allow the filter and filter door to soak in distilled white vinegar overnight, and then rinse them under running water. Re-install the filter, and then the filter door. Rotate the filter door handle clockwise to lock the filter door.

Nozzles will vary between dishwashers. See the steps below for an example of how to clean them. If these steps do not match your model, refer to your user manual for the correct steps.

clean dishwasher

Remove the Upper Rack. Unfasten the nozzle cap by turning it counterclockwise and then remove the upper nozzle. Clean the nozzle thoroughly using a small brush (such as a dishwashing brush or toothbrush). Allow the nozzle to soak overnight in distilled white vinegar, and then rinse by running water through the nozzle. Re-insert the nozzle and then fasten the nozzle cap to the nozzle by turning the cap clockwise. Afterwards, check whether the nozzle is attached correctly by rotating it.

On some dishwasher models, the drain pump can be reached when the drain filter is removed. If debris is caught in the drain pump, it can cause the dishwasher to make a noise. It is rare that you need to access the drain pump, but if it is accessible, the user manual for your dishwasher includes instructions on how to access it.

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