Samsung dishwasher operational sounds

Last Update date : Dec 19. 2023
A Samsung dishwasher and a sound wave

While Samsung dishwashers are designed to operate quietly, they are not completely silent. Loud or unusual noises may indicate a need for action. Since dishwasher noises can be random and intermittent, consider recording the noise for service purposes. This guide covers steps to potentially avoid the need for service.

Note: For information about the decibel levels of your dishwasher, visit the dishwasher's product page on the Samsung website and check its specifications for sound level (described in dBA).

A low humming or buzzing sound is normal. However, loud humming, buzzing, or grinding noises may indicate something caught in the drain pump's impeller.

Humming, Buzzing, or Grinding Humming, Buzzing, or Grinding

Inspect the drain filter and pump (applicable models only):

Check the water supply:

  • Ensure it is connected and turned on.

  • Verify it meets the requirements listed in your user manual.

Check the dishwasher cabinet insulation:

These sounds often occur due to improperly loaded dishes hitting the spray nozzles, or loose items inside the dishwasher.

Tapping, Knocking, Crackling, or Banging Tapping, Knocking, Crackling, or Banging

Tips for prevention:

  • Ensure the dishwasher is loaded correctly.

  • Secure dishes on racks to prevent movement and noise.

  • For models with a removable filter system, ensure it is securely in place. Refer to your user manual for instructions.

Note: If the noise persists during an empty cycle, consider requesting service at our Service Centre.

If the squeaking is from the hinge, lubricate it with a food-safe lubricant (not WD-40). If the issue persists, request service at our Service Centre.

Squeaking from Door Hinges Squeaking from Door Hinges

Check the kickplate for any wiggle or movement that could contact the door. Adjust, tighten, or reinstall it correctly as needed.

Clicking or Popping When Opening Door Clicking or Popping When Opening Door

Watery noises are typical when the dishwasher sprays water. In WaterWall models, this sound might come from the WaterWall vane's movement.

Water Sounds Water Sounds

A high-pitched sound like whistling or whining can occur when water runs through pipes.

Whistling or Whining Whistling or Whining

Troubleshooting tips:

Note: If the noise continues during the dry cycle, request service at our Service Centre.

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