How to level your Samsung dishwasher

Last Update date : Oct 13. 2023
A Samsung dishwasher is displayed in a kitchen

Achieving the correct level for your dishwasher is a crucial aspect of the installation process. A well-leveled dishwasher helps prevent leaks and ensures optimal performance. To get the best results, it's essential to ensure both vertical and horizontal leveling of the dishwasher.

Note: The provided information refers to dishwashers sold in Canada.

To level your dishwasher effectively, you'll require the following tools:

 • A level

 • A hex tool

 • A wrench

Different tools Different tools

Note: If the dishwasher has already been installed, you'll need to remove the kick plate to access the legs and rear adjustment screw.

Step 1: Horizontal level check

Begin by examining the horizontal level of your dishwasher. If it's not level, use the following method to adjust it:

 • Rotate the front legs counterclockwise to raise the dishwasher's corner.

 • Rotate them clockwise to lower it.

 • Continue adjustments until the dishwasher is level.

Check the horizontal level of your Samsung dishwasher Check the horizontal level of your Samsung dishwasher

Step 2: Vertical level check

Now, focus on the vertical level. If your dishwasher isn't level from front to back, follow these steps:

 • Use a Hex tool to turn the rear adjustment screw, located at the front of the base.

 • Turning left will raise the back of the dishwasher, while turning right will lower it.

Check the vertical level of your Samsung dishwasher Check the vertical level of your Samsung dishwasher

Step 3: Check the door clearance

Ensure that the top of the dishwasher door doesn't come into contact with any screws, brackets, or the countertop. If it does, adjust the leveling legs located at the bottom front of the dishwasher.

Check the door clearance of your Samsung dishwasher Check the door clearance of your Samsung dishwasher

While you're checking the level with a level, there's one more thing to inspect, even though it's not related to leveling. Examine the sides of the door frame, specifically where they attach to the cabinet. To check for any misalignment, place the level vertically against the side of the door frame. If the level isn't perfectly aligned with the frame, you'll need to loosen or tighten the cabinet screws to straighten it.

Note: The width of the door frame at the cabinet screws should measure 22 inches (55.9 cm). Measuring this distance is an additional way to confirm the frame's alignment.

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