A guide to understanding the noises made by your Samsung dryer

Last Update date : Feb 01. 2024
A Samsung washer and dryer set in a modern laundry room

Samsung dryers are renowned for their quiet operation. However, some sounds may occur during normal use or due to minor issues that can be easily resolved. Most noises made by a Samsung dryer can be categorized into four types: rattling, thumping, squealing or grinding, and humming. Identifying the sound closest to what you're experiencing is the first step in troubleshooting and resolving your dryer's issue effectively.

Note: This information is intended for Samsung dryers sold in Canada.

Rattling sound

Rattling Sound Rattling Sound
  • Level the dryer by retracting the leveling feet completely. Use a carpenter's level to determine which feet need adjustment, then modify them with a wrench. Ensure only minimal adjustment to keep the dryer level.

  • Check the alignment of the exhaust vent, especially if recently installed or adjusted. It should be secure without wiggling or rattling. Additionally, ensure no part of the dryer, like the vent or power cord, is causing the rattling.

  • Inspect the drum for loose objects such as buttons, pens, or coins.

If rattling persists, visit our Service Centre to request service.

Thumping sound

Thumping Sound Thumping Sound

If the noise is present when the dryer is empty, seek assistance via our Service Centre.

For thumping sounds with contents in the dryer, it's often due to overloading or items hitting the drum sides. Reduce load size and turn items with large buttons or zippers inside out to minimize noise.

Squealing, squeaking, grinding sounds

Squealing, Squeaking, Grinding Sounds Squealing, Squeaking, Grinding Sounds

These sounds typically indicate an overly heavy load. Stop the cycle and lighten the load if these sounds occur.

Some tips:

  • Dry smaller batches.

  • Spin excess water out in the washer before drying.

If these noises occur with normal load sizes (e.g., about 4 wet towels), service may be necessary. Contact our Service Centre.

Humming sound

Humming Sound Humming Sound

A humming sound during operation is normal, stemming from the blower motor as it circulates air within the dryer.

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