What can you do when detergent, bleach or softener added to your Samsung washer drains immediately

Last Update date : Jan 22. 2022
Samsung Washer - Detergent, bleach or softener drains immediately

When filling the detergent drawer, pay special attention to the MAX line. If you fill past that line, the siphon effect of the drawer is activated and it will drain into the tub. Also, be sure to level the washer so that the detergent drawer works as its designed to.

Note: The provided information refers to washers sold in Canada. The available settings and options may differ for appliances sold in other countries.

1 Do not exceed the MAX line.

For additives that do not use the detergent drawer, such as when adding bleach to a top load washer, there is no max line and the additive will drain out of sight immediately. Mostly this goes to the cavity between the outer drum and spin basket, but some may actually be seen entering the tub. For additives in the detergent drawer, though, stay below the MAX line, or the additive will immediately drain into the tub.

Do not exceed the MAX line

Note: If the amount you need to use would exceed the MAX line, then either use a different and more concentrated form of the additive, or reduce the size of your load.

2 Clean the detergent drawer.

The detergent drawer needs periodic cleaning. If residue is left in the drawer, it can mix with the additive you are adding and simulate going over the MAX line, causing draining.

Clean the detergent drawer
3 Level your washer.

Double check that your washer is level. The user manual for your washing machine is the best place to find specific information on how to level your appliance. Improper alignment of the washer can cause the detergent drawer to not be aligned either. This may result in a tilt which causes the additives to go over the MAX line and drain immediately after you close the drawer.

4 Replace the detergent drawer.

If you continue to have issues with additives draining immediately, there may be some defect in the detergent drawer. For a warranty replacement, contact us. For out of warranty purchases, visit samsungcanadaparts.com.

Note: If the issue continues even with a new detergent drawer, visit our Support Centre to request service.

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