How to get rid of mildew smell and mold in your Samsung washer

Last Update date : Sep 22. 2023
Samsung washer has a mildew smell or visible mold

If your Samsung washing machine is plagued by a mildew smell or visible mold, it's essential to address the issue promptly. Below is our step-by-step guide on how to tackle this problem.

Note: The information provided is specific to washers sold in Canada. Settings may vary for washing machines sold in different countries.

Troubleshooting guide

  1. Run a Spin-only cycle

    Ensure the washer's drum is empty, and any remaining water is drained by running a Spin-only cycle.

  2. Add chlorine bleach

    Pour liquid chlorine bleach into the detergent compartment, filling it to the max line. Avoid using the bleach compartment; this step is for tackling mildew smell or mold specifically.

  3. Choose a Self Clean cycle

    Never run a Self Clean cycle with laundry inside, as it can damage the washer and its contents. After adding bleach, start the Self Clean process immediately. Close the washer's lid or door, press the Power button, select Self Clean, Self Clean+, or Pure Cycle, and then press the Start/Pause button. Self Clean duration varies by model, typically around 1 hour for top load washers and 4 hours for front load washers. If your Samsung washer lacks these cycles, run a Normal cycle.

  4. Wipe down the tub

    After completing the Self Clean cycle, use paper towels to wipe any residue inside the tub.

  5. Run a Rinse+Spin cycle

    To remove any remaining residue, run a Rinse+Spin cycle. Repeat if needed until no visible mold residue remains.

  6. Allow the washing machine to dry

    Leave the lid or door open to allow the washer to dry thoroughly. Also, keep the detergent drawer open to aid in drying.

  7. Clean the pump filter (Front Load models only)

    Front load models typically have a pump filter near the bottom front behind a panel. Failing to clean it regularly can lead to odors. Refer to our guide on cleaning a washer for instructions on maintaining the pump filter.

  8. Request Service

    If the odor or mold persists despite your efforts, visit the Service Centre for further assistance.

By following these steps, you can eliminate mildew smells and mold growth in your Samsung washer, ensuring it operates efficiently and odor-free.

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