Troubleshooting unresponsive panel on your Samsung electric cooktop

Last Update date : Sep 07. 2023
A Samsung electric cooktop is being used

Some of our built-in electric and induction cooktops employ capacitive touch technology, similar to smartphones, which requires direct skin contact to register a touch. These models also come equipped with Child Lock. If you encounter a situation where the capacitive touch panel turns on but doesn't respond to touch, it might be due to moisture or dirt.

Note: The information provided pertains to Samsung electric cooktops available in Canada. Settings and options may vary for appliances sold in other countries.

1 Turn off Child Lock

If Child Lock is active, it will be illuminated, and the panel may emit a beep and display a message if you attempt to touch any button other than Power. Refer to your user manual for instructions on disabling Child Lock.

2 Use bare skin

The panel relies on direct skin contact, much like a smartphone, to register touch inputs. Ensure that your hands are dry when interacting with the panel.

3 Clean the panel

Similar to phones, if the panel is excessively dirty or wet, it may struggle to detect touch accurately. Gently clean the panel to remove any residue or moisture.

Maintaining the capacitive touch panel's cleanliness and ensuring it remains dry are key to optimal performance. In most cases, these simple steps will restore responsiveness to your cooktop's panel, but if issues persist, our Service Centre is ready to assist and provide professional service.

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