Take a screenshot on your Galaxy tablet

Last Update date : Sep 26. 2023
Take a screenshot on your Galaxy tablet

Capturing screenshots on your Samsung Galaxy tablet isn't just a handy feature; it's a valuable tool that can significantly enhance your digital experience. Whether you want to save important information, share content, or express your creativity, there are a few ways to capture screenshots on your tablet, depending on your model.

Information provided applies to devices sold in Canada. Available screens and settings may vary for tablets sold in other countries.

You can capture a screenshot by quickly pressing and holding the Power and Volume down keys at the same time. If you don't press them simultaneously or if you hold them for too long, a screenshot will not be taken. Instead, the Power menu or Bixby will launch.

Use tablet keys to capture

If your tablet has a physical Home key, you can also press and hold the Power and Home keys simultaneously to capture a screenshot.

When you take a screenshot, it will be automatically saved in Gallery.

An easier way to take a screenshot? Yes, please! From Settings, search for and select Palm swipe to capture. Then, tap the switch to turn on Palm swipe to capture. Now you can simply swipe your palm across the screen you want to capture.

Palm swipe to capture

Make sure you are swiping correctly. If your palm swipe is not detected, the tablet will not capture the screenshot.

The Galaxy Tab S6 Lite does not support Palm swipe to capture due to a hardware limitation. However, you can use the tablet keys or the Air command menu to take a screenshot instead. You can then view and share your screenshot in the Gallery app.

If you have a Galaxy Tab S6 or later, you can take screenshots using your S Pen and the Screen write feature! Navigate to the screen you'd like to take a screenshot of. Using the S Pen, tap the Air command menu icon, and then tap Screen write.

Take screenshots with the S Pen

Your tablet will automatically take a screenshot of the page you're on. Use the controls to write or draw on the screenshot if you'd like. When you're done, tap Save to store the screenshot in Gallery, even if you didn't write on it.

You can view the screenshots you've captured from the Notification panel or Gallery. To view it immediately after it's been captured, swipe down the Notification panel, and then tap the Smart capture notification.

View a screenshot

To view it at any time, navigate to Gallery. Select the Albums tab, and then tap Screenshots to view all your screenshots.

To share a screenshot right after you've captured one, swipe down the Notification panel. Then, swipe down on the Samsung capture notification with the screenshot you just took. Tap Share, and then share the screenshot by using one of the available sharing options.

Share a screenshot

To share it at any time, open the Gallery app. Select the Albums tab, and then tap Screenshots. Touch and hold the screenshot you want to share, and then tap Share. Use one of the available sharing options.

There are a couple more things you can do when you’re taking a screenshot, like adding a personal touch by editing it. Right after you've taken a screenshot, a small menu will appear at the bottom of the screen. Select Edit (the pencil icon) to write or draw on the screenshot, or crop out a portion of it that you don’t need right away. The cropped portion will be saved in the Gallery.

Additional options

Scroll capture allows you to take a screenshot of the current content as well as parts of the screen that are hidden, like when you're on a large webpage. Tap Scroll capture, and the screen will automatically swipe down so more content can be captured. Keep tapping the Scroll capture icon until you've reached the bottom of the page.

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