How to charge the Galaxy Z Flip using wireless charger

Last Update date : Oct 01. 2020

The full screen phone that folds to fit in your pocket with revolutionary flexible display, is equipped with wireless charging technology.
Along with this technology, the device is also equipped with sophisticated dual battery systems that works as one to intelligently power the phone.

Recommended way to charge your Galaxy Z Flip

Before charging battery wirelessly, fold the device firstly, and place the center of the device's back on the center of the wireless charger as shown in below image to ensure that their connection is good.

If you use a stand-type wireless charger, Galaxy Z Flip may not be securely mounted on the charger or may not charge properly. Also please use Samsung-approved wireless chargers. If you use other wireless chargers, the battery may not charge properly.

Galaxy Z Flip charging pad

Prevent device from sliding off the wireless charging pad

If Galaxy Z Flip is not placed to the center of wireless charging pad, the device may slide down from the charger during charging. Before charging battery wirelessly, fold the device firstly and adjust the device into the correct position, facing wireless charging coil of Galaxy Z Flip back to center of the wireless charger, as shown in image above. Also please confirm the device is securely mounted on the charger.

Recommened method to use Wireless PowerShare

You can charge other devices (WPC Qi certified smartphone products and Samsung wearable devices) with the battery of Galaxy Z Flip even while you are charging. To charge properly, do not move or use either device while charging. The power charged to the other device may be less than the amount shared to it by your Galaxy Z Flip.

If you charge the other device while charging your Galaxy Z Flip, the charging speed may decrease or the device may not charge properly depending on the type of charger that is used. Also the speed of charging or efficiency may vary depending on the condition or surrounding environment of the device.
PowerShare will stop to prevent drain of the Galaxy Z Flip's battery when the battery level drops below a certain level.


  • Depending on the type of accessories or cover being used, the Wireless PowerShare feature may not work properly.
  • It is recommended to remove any accessories and cover before using this feature.
  • Also, if there are foreign materials, such as dust or liquid, between devices, please try again after removing them. 
How to activate Wireless PowerShare function to charge other certified devices.

Step 1. Open the notification panel.

Step 2. Swipe downwards.

Step 3. Tap Wireless PowerShare to activate it.

Place the other device on the center of your device, with their backs facing.

The device has magnet built in and dependent upon the device, the location of the wireless charging coil is different, therefore, for smooth connection, it is important to reposition both devices as shown in the image below. If the two devices are placed in a different position or direction than shown, due to the magnetic forces, the device may slip.

devices using Wireless PowerShare


  • Place the other device on the center of the Galaxy Z flip, with the backside facing each other. 
  • The backside of the Galaxy Z Flip is the area without the camera and cover screen.

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