Gear IconX (2018) - Track and View Exercise Information (SM-R140)

Last Update date : Oct 04. 2020
Gear IconX (2018) - Track and View Exercise Information (SM-R140)

Want to know how fast you ran, or how long you kept up those sprints? You can record and save exercise information, such as activity duration and speed, right on your Gear IconX (2018). Then, you can view workout information on the Samsung Gear or Samsung Health app of your connected phone. Or, just listen to it straight from the earbuds.

Available screens and settings may vary by provider, phone, or earbuds.

Start a Workout

Ready to pound the pavement? Begin your workout and your Gear IconX (2018) will start tracking your movements. Read on to learn about the features and how to get started.

Start a Workout
1 Insert both Gear IconX earbuds into your ears.
2 Touch and hold the touchpad and then, release when you hear "Start workout".
3 Start your workout when you hear four beeps followed by "Workout started".

  • To check the status of your workout, touch and hold the touchpad. Then, release when you hear "Workout status". You will hear the recorded exercise information. You can select the types of information to be played in the Exercise audio guide option.

  • To hear your surroundings during your workout, touch and hold the touchpad. Then, release when you hear "Ambient sound". You will then hear "Ambient sound mode turns on".

  • If the proximity sensor does not make contact with your ear, the Gear IconX earbuds may stop working. Remove the Gear IconX earbuds from your ears and insert them again within 20 minutes. When you hear "Workout resumed", you can start your workout again.
4 When you finish your workout, touch and hold the touchpad and then release when you hear "Finish workout". You will then hear the details of your workout.

  • The Gear IconX earbuds can recognize and save information only for walking and running.

  • The voice guide provide information during or after your workout such as: type of workout, total duration, total distance, and average speed.
View Exercise Information
View Exercise Information

While you’re cooling off, you can check out your recorded exercise information on the Samsung Gear or Samsung Health app. After finishing your workout, connect the Gear IconX earbuds to your phone while you are wearing them, and then see how great you did by navigating to Samsung Gear and then touching OPEN SAMSUNG HEALTH.

Additional Information

Just a few final notes and you’ll be off to the races! Promise us you’ll keep these tips in mind:

  • Samsung Health is intended for fitness and wellness purposes only and is not intended for use in the diagnosis of disease or other conditions, or in the cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease.

  • The available functions, features and addable apps for Samsung Health may vary from country to country due to different local laws and regulations. You should check the features and apps available in your specific region before use.

  • Samsung Health apps and its service can be changed or discontinued without prior notice.

  • The purpose for such data collection is limited to providing the service that you have requested, including providing additional information to enhance your wellness, back up/sync data, data analysis and statistics, or to develop and provide better services. If you sign into your Samsung account from Samsung Health, your data may be saved on the server for data backup purposes. Personal information may be stored until the completion of such purposes. To delete any data you have shared with social networks or transferred to storage devices, you must delete them separately.

  • You assume full responsibility for the inappropriate use of data shared on social networks or transmitted to others. Use caution when sharing your personal data with others.

  • If the Gear IconX earbuds are connected to a phone, verify the communication protocol to confirm proper operation. If you use a wireless connection, such as Bluetooth, the Gear IconX earbuds may be affected by electronic interference from other devices. Avoid using the Gear IconX earbuds near other devices that transmit radio waves.

  • Please read the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy of Samsung Health carefully before using it.

  • Measured distance may differ from the actual distance due to uneven strides, walking in place, and pacing around.

  • Only records from the past 30 days are saved. You can view previous data on the phone where the Samsung Health app is installed.

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