Galaxy Buds - Pair your earbuds to each other (SM-R170)

Last Update date : Aug 24. 2021
Galaxy Buds - Pair your earbuds (SM-R170)

Even if your earbuds were out of sync by a millisecond, that would be enough to cause a headache. Luckily, pairing your earbuds could not be any easier. Just put both earbuds into your ears and they will connect to each other. It's really that simple.

Note: Available screens and settings may vary by provider, phone, or earbuds.

Couple the Galaxy Buds
  • If a Galaxy Buds earbud is removed from your ear, the pairing will be disconnected.
  • To re-pair the Galaxy Buds earbuds together, wear both Galaxy Buds earbuds again. Pairing will be automatically recovered. If not recovered, keep the Galaxy Buds earbuds in the charging case for at least 7 seconds. Then, wear them again.
  • If you lose a Galaxy Buds earbud, some Galaxy Buds features may be unavailable. For purchase inquiries, visit a local Samsung Service Center.

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