Adjust the SmartThings app's settings

Last Update date : Aug 25. 2022
Adjust the SmartThings app's settings

SmartThings has tons of awesome features, including some you might not even know about - like adjusting the notification settings so you always know what is going on with your devices. Let us introduce you to all of them, in case you missed some.

Note: The provided information refers to devices sold in Canada. The available screens and settings may differ for devices sold in other countries. These instructions only cover settings for the SmartThings app itself. They do not apply to individual device settings or other third-party smart home apps. You can visit the SmartThings website to check device compatibility and gather more information.

Access SmartThings settings

To find all of SmartThings' hidden settings, you will need to access the Menu.

Navigate to and open the SmartThings app, and then tap the Menu tab (the three horizontal lines). Next, tap the Settings icon - it looks like a gear and is located next to your profile picture.

Access SmartThings settings

From here, you can turn different SmartThings settings on or off. Here is what you can do:

  • Samsung account: View the account that is connected to SmartThings.

  • Get your location from this phone: Use the phone’s location information to determine the location for your automations, and to show other members whether you are at home.

  • Sync favorites: Sync your favorites with your Samsung account so they appear on all of your devices.

  • Notifications: Choose which devices will send you notifications when their status has updated or when they have been used. To enable notifications for individual devices, tap Notifications and then tap the switches next to your desired devices. Or, tap the switch at the top of the screen to turn on notifications for all devices.

  • Suggestion cards: Show cards on the Favorites tab so you can learn about useful features.

  • Linked services: Manage accounts for services that are linked to SmartThings.

  • Turn on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth automatically: Automatically turn on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when you open the SmartThings app, so it can discover devices.

  • Ask to add new devices: When your phone detects a device nearby that can be added to SmartThings, a popup will appear that lets you quickly add the device without opening the SmartThings app.

  • Tap View, Tap Sound: Tap your phone against a TV or soundbar to switch playback to that device.

  • Auto start Ambient mode: Turn on Ambient Mode whenever you are near your TV.

  • Start Smart View on other devices: Allow Smart View to connect with TVs and refrigerators that have been added to SmartThings.

  • Offer to play on other device: Get notified when there is a TV, speaker, or other device nearby that can take over playback of music or video playing on your phone.

  • Privacy Policy: View and read SmartThings' Privacy Policy.

  • Download personal data: Download all personal data collected by Samsung related to SmartThings.

  • Leave SmartThings: Erase all of your SmartThings data and the SmartThings service from your Samsung account.

  • Auto update devices and services: Download and install updates for devices and services automatically. You can choose to update using Wi-Fi only or whenever updates are available.

  • About SmartThings: Check the software version and perform updates when they are available.

  • Contact us: Contact the SmartThings Support team when you are having trouble with something.

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