Galaxy Book Pro 360 5G (13.3", i7, 16GB)

*Image simulated.

  • Three silver laptops are laid flat vertically in the middle, with the end getting narrower towards in a triangle format. On top, it says †Data at the speed of 5G'.
  • Two Galaxy Book Pro 360 5Gs are displayed side by side. One of them is unfolded 290° with an S Pen featured on its screen, showing the 2-in-1 convertible design complete with a 360° hinge.
    2-in-1 Convertible Design
  • A man showing dance moves in the center of display. Vivid rainbow colors fully occupied both on the inside and outside of display. There are 3 certification badges, each one indicating Eye Care Display, Gaming performance and Cinematic Experience. At the bottom, †AKG' and †Dolby Atmos' written, representing the sound system for Galaxy Book Pro 360 5G.
    Stunning Display
  • A laptop placed in tent mode with painting software running on display. There's a turtle in digital painting format on display, and beside is an S Pen laid down. On top, there's a small logo for the brand, Clip Studio Paint.

Own the power of Hyperfast 5G

Galaxy Book Pro 360 5G features built-in industry-leading 5G wireless technology, so you can stay connected anywhere, even off the grid without Wi-Fi. Now you can enjoy the same 5G speed on your Galaxy Book Pro 360 5G as on your phone. Hyperfast uploads and downloads. Less lag. Fewer limitations.

*Image simulated.
**Requires optimal 5G connection. 5G services are only supported in 5G network enabled locations. Actual speed may vary depending on country, carrier, and user environment.

Thin as a smartphone. Powerful as a PC

Thin, light, yet reliable. It's a 2-in-1 convertible designed with a 360° hinge in a class of its own. Being 11.5 mm thick and weighing 1,070g, the Galaxy Book Pro 360 5G delivers the mobility of smartphones and military-grade durability.

*US Military Standard compliant (MIL-STD-810G).

The Super AMOLED display is now on your Galaxy Book Pro 360 5G

Featuring a true-to-life, accurate, and vibrant 13.3” Super AMOLED touch screen that has a 120% Color Volume (DCI-P3). Integrated AKG® and Dolby Atmos® sound for a truly immersive cinematic experience. SGS Eye-Care Certified to protect you from harmful blue light.

*Graphics specifications may vary according to model.

Next-gen connectivity, boosted mobility

Become flexible in how and where you work and stay on top of things at all times, with the always connected feature. Enjoy Wi-Fi 6E ready's unmatched peak speed, massive capacity, along with significant reductions in latency and increased responsiveness. The future of mobility is here.

*Wi-Fi 6E not available upon release and requires an OS update. Wi-Fi 6E availability will vary due to OS version, country, location, network conditions, and other factors. Wi-Fi 6E wireless network routers are required and sold separately.

Galaxy Ecosystem

Integrate life and tech seamlessly with the interconnected Galaxy Ecosystem.

Sharing made easy

Quick Share

Connect wirelessly and share photos, videos, or files with others by simply clicking the share button and selecting the icons of the nearby contacts. You can also send documents to a group of people all at once.

*Quick Share feature allows sharing of photos, videos and files between Samsung Galaxy devices.
**Available on devices with One UI 2.1 or later versions installed, and requires the MDE Service Framework and Quick Share apps updates.
***Bluetooth Low Energy and Wi-Fi connection are required for Quick Share use.
****Sequence shortened. Image simulated for illustrative purposes. Actual UI may differ.

Quick pairing, no hassle

Easy Bluetooth Connection

Pairing between Galaxy Book Pro 360 5G and Galaxy Buds is easier than ever. Simply open the case near your laptop, and you’re ready to go. No hassle.

*Galaxy Buds sold separately.
**Image simulated for illustrative purposes. Actual UI may be different.
***Bluetooth function must be enabled on the PC for pairing.

Your world just got smarter


Automate your home and control all your IoT devices with SmartThings, you can also track the location of your Galaxy Book Pro 360 5G with SmartThings Find.

*All devices must be registered with SmartThings to receive smart notifications. Requires Samsung Account login, connection to Wi-Fi or data network and configurating settings in the SmartThings Find.
**The location of the lost device found with SmartThings Find is the approximate location where the lost device's signal was detected.
***SmartThings Find application is only available on Galaxy devices with Android 8.0 or later.

More screen, more productivity

Second screen

Get more done with a multi-screen experience with the integrated Second screen feature using your Galaxy Tab S7 and S7+. And pop out your S Pen, now with even faster responsiveness and more comfortable grip, to draw, write, and control a variety of functions, as well.

*Galaxy Tab S7 and S7+ sold separately.
**S Pen latency may vary by app.
***Image simulated for illustrative purposes. Actual UI may differ.
****WiDi (Wireless Directly)-capable Windows 10 PC models and Windows 10 v.2004 or later are required for this feature.

*Galaxy Tab S7 and S7+ sold separately.
**S Pen latency may vary by app.
***Image simulated for illustrative purposes. Actual UI may differ.
****WiDi (Wireless Directly)-capable Windows 10 PC models and Windows 10 v.2004 or later are required for this feature.

Mobile apps on your Galaxy Book Pro 360 5G

Your Phone

Connect your Galaxy Book Pro 360 5G with the apps on your Galaxy mobile phone using Microsoft Your Phone app, and seamlessly run up to 5 of your favorite apps from your Galaxy Book Pro 360 5G.

*Compatibility and availability of functions and features may vary depending on app version and Android OS version.
**Users must link their Galaxy device to their Windows PC through ‘Link to Windows’ on phone and Your Phone app on PC, follow the set-up prompts, including being signed into same Microsoft account. Link to Windows is preloaded on select Galaxy devices. Your Phone requires latest Windows 10 Update on the PC. Your Phone requires Galaxy device to be on and connected to the same Wi-Fi network as the PC. Some mobile apps may restrict content to be shared on other screens or may require a touch screen to be able to interact with them. Multiple Android applications can be launched simultaneously up to 5 at a time in Windows 10 PC.

All your Samsung Notes across devices

Samsung Notes & Auto Sync

From PDF importing & annotation to auto-syncing in real time, the handy features of Samsung Notes are completely redesigned to take productivity to new heights. Insert voice memos, turn handwriting to text, and stay ready for when inspiration strikes.

*Network or Wi-Fi connection required. All devices must be logged in to the same Samsung Account.

Sync, transfer, done

Galaxy Book Smart Switch

Simply link the devices using a wireless connection to seamlessly transfer photos, videos, music, and documents from an old laptop. Smart Switch even keeps your settings and moves your UWP (Universal Windows Platform) apps for work and play.

*Availability of Smart Switch may vary depending on OS.

PENUP to brush up your drawing skills

Enjoy the access to the PENUP app, a social-based platform where you can learn how to draw and practice coloring. Join the fun, thriving art community and brush up your skills by tracing over video clips and taking up a drawing challenge.

Let your ideas come to life

Push your expressions to a whole new level with Galaxy Book Pro 360 5G's pre-packaged S Pen and Clip Studio. The responsive S Pen allows you to illustrate, paint and create masterpieces with the help of Clip Studio’s integrated inking, storyboarding, brushes and wide range of preloaded tools.

*Clip Studio, pre-loaded on Galaxy Book Pro 360 5G, will be provided free of charge for 6 months.

Performance carrying epic power with the Intel® Evo™ Platform

With a 24% faster CPU and the GPU that's 87% faster than the previous generation's, the 11th generation Intel® Core™ Processor with Intel® Iris® Xe graphics will change the way you experience the breakthrough in productivity, gaming, and streaming.

*CPU and GPU specifications vary depending on model, country, or region.
**Engineered for mobile performance verification by Intel® may vary depending on system configuration.
***Adobe product screenshot reprinted with permission from Adobe Systems Incorporated.

Professional video calls, less noise

Put on an impressive video presentation with On Air Mic and camera Studio mode. Get crystal clear calls with the Intelligent Noise Cancelling, which isolates unwanted noise from human speech. While the Studio mode helps you look as good as you sound. Built-in privacy shortcuts for peace of mind.

Pro Keyboard, precision and comfort at your fingertips

Crafted with wide, curved keys, the Galaxy Book Pro 360 5G offers a Pro Keyboard that helps you do things faster and more comfortably. With curved keys, it ensures precision and ultra-efficiency, while its biometric authentication allows safe logins with just a touch.

More ports, less dongles

The Galaxy Book Pro 360 5G comes with Thunderbolt™4, USB-C, HP/MIC, SIM Slot and mSD for high bandwidth universal cable connectivity, making adding displays and accessories simple. The reliable, super-fast ports are compliant across industry-standards and compatible with earlier generations.

  • *Keyboard design may vary depending on model.
    **Performance speeds may vary depending on usage environment.
  • *Keyboard design may vary depending on model.
    **Performance speeds may vary depending on usage environment.

Record, edit and share

The Screen Recorder feature makes creating videos a breeze, simply capture what's on your screen and add voice commentaries. Editing is easy and intuitive with Studio Plus, it comes packaged with background music, powerful editing effects, and connects directly to your gallery for easy importing.



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- Weights vary depending on manufacturing process.

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- Hong Kong models of Galaxy Book Flex2 5G only supports 5G TDD Sub6 N78(3500) 5G Network Standard.