Tidak bisa melihat atau sikronisasi data Pedometer dari Gear2 atau Gear Fit

Tanggal Pembaruan Terakhir : 2018-01-17

Q: Even though I transferred pedometer data from my Gear 2 (or Gear Fit) device to my Galaxy S5, when I check the S Health app on my Galaxy S5, it doesn’t display the pedometer data of Gear 2. It only displays pedometer data of Galaxy S5. Is my device faulty? What should I do?


A: Your Galaxy S5 is not faulty.
The S Health app of the Galaxy S5 is primarily setup to display pedometer data of the S5 device.
If you would like to display pedometer value of Gear 2 or Gear Fit connected, please change the “target” device to view data from.

1. Tap on “S Health” in Apps.


2 . Tap the Pedometer.


3. Tap on the “additional options” icon.



4. Tap “Phone data to view”.



※Please note:

If the Phone data to view option is not present, use the Galaxy Essentials Widget on the home screen, and install the latest version of S Health app and the supporting app “Health Service”.

6 7 

5. Select which accessory’s step count data to view



If you complete the change of the device for Phone data to view, the pedometer data displayed in the S Health app on the Galaxy S5 will display the data according to your choice.





※Please note:
If you have any difficulty in trying to install the latest version of S Health app and the supporting app “Health Service” please also check for any SW updates for your Device either using the Kies SW tool - (available for download from

– or

2. by connecting your device to Wi-Fi and using the Software update feature in the “About device” settings area of your device the Update device  


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