How to replace the remote control batteries of your TV

There are typically 3 types of remote control depending on the TV model. The battery replacing procedure is a little different depending on the type of remote control. 

Samsung Smart Remote Control

There are typically two types of the Samsung smart remote control.

<Type 1>

Step 1. Push the rear cover open in the direction of the arrow at the bottom of the remote control. Grab the remote control with two hands, as shown in the illustration below. Then, push it forward with your thumbs.

Remote control battery cover 1.

Step 2. Insert the batteries (1.5 V AA type). Make sure that the positive and negative ends are facing in the correct direction.

Step 3. Close the rear cover again.

Remote control battery cover 2.

<Type 2>

Step 1. Press the arrow button at the top rear of the Samsung Smart Remote. The body will pop out slightly from the body cover.

Step 2. Turn the remote over, and then slide the body of the remote upwards until the battery compartment is revealed.

Step 3. If there are batteries in the remote, press the right and left arrow buttons on both sides of the battery compartment to remove the existing batteries.

Step 4. Insert two new batteries (1.5 V AAA type) into the battery compartment, making sure that the batteries' polarities (positive, negative) are oriented correctly. When done, slide the body of the remote until it is nearly in its original position.

Step 5. Turn the remote over, press and hold the button on the top rear, and then slide the body of the remote down into place.

Remote control battery cover 3.

Samsung Standard Remote Control

Step 1. Gently pull on the battery cover's notch and then remove the cover completely once it comes loose.

Step 2. Insert 2 AAA alkaline batteries, making sure to align the positive and negative polarities correctly.

Step 3. Place the battery cover on the remote control and insert the cover into the remote control.

Step 4. Slide the battery cover in the order shown above so that the cover is completely attached to the remote control.

Remote control battery cover 4.

Check the positive and negative ends of the batteries

When you replace batteries, match the polarities of the batteries to the symbols on the battery compartment. There are battery direction indications in the battery compartment of the remote control.

Note: Alkaline batteries are recommended for longer battery life.

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