Build Your Own Little
Terrarium at Home

Let’s take a moment to show some appreciation to nature by creating our own little
piece of it.

It’s been said and passed around that with a little greenery in our life, it can help improve our health by reducing stress, fatigue as well as boosting our mood, productivity and creativity. If you have a plant that needs a pot, let's start making it its own little home.

Start with the base

Firstly, you would need a base for your terrarium. Now this can be an old jar, or a small glass container that you have lying around the house.

Try to find something around the house rather than buying one as this would be more resourceful and would be less wasteful.

Get those hands dirty

Secondly, we would need to get our hands dirty by getting some soil and some small stones at nature’s disposal. You would want to start at the bottom with the first layer of stones at about one inch in height. These stones would act as a drainage system for your terrarium.

After that, you would want to start adding in a layer of soil at about two to three inches in height depending on the size of your base. Get that healthy soil in for your little plant friend!

New plant, new home

Now take that little plant of yours and start planting it in into the soil. We recommend plants small in size or in a comfortable size in comparison to the size of your base.

Now that we got your little friend a new home, we might want to start adding in some little finishing touches. Usually topping the soil off with another layer of stones would be nice protection from any exposure. Ultimately, you can add in anything you
would like to your terrarium. Go nuts!

A greener home

By having plants around the house, we would need to have a steady supply of fresh air. Like us, they are living things as well. We could either crack open a window or perhaps have an air purifier to help circulate that indoor air of ours.

Show off what you made

Celebrate being eco-friendly by taking crisp photos of your cute little terrarium and
sharing it.

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