How To Meditate with Nature
at Home

Clear your mind with Earth’s greatest gift, nature, with these simple tips.

With the on-going pandemic, a lot of people are in dire need of better mental health. We can take the initiative to apply some self-help to ourselves with nature, the best remedy to a healthier mind.

Forget what you know

Meditation doesn’t require multiple techniques in achieving a peaceful state of mind. In fact, you can do it almost anywhere. It’s that simple.

There is no real right way to do it and meditation has no time limit nor does it have a minimum time requirement. It can range from one minute to an hour. A lot like nature, go at your own pace.

Find Your Space

Make sure the spot you choose is comfortable to you and your mind as well as an area that is calm, peaceful and not too cluttered.

Put some plants out if you have any, open those windows and let that fresh air in and put on a playlist of ambient nature sounds on Spotify. Now that’s one way to be in tune with nature from the comforts of your home.

Breathe in, Breathe Out

A great technique to help with focus is to concentrate on your breathing. Focus on each breath going in and with each breath going out. We have what they call a “Monkey’s Mind” where our train of thoughts can jump from one place to another.

By practicing this technique, you would feel much more relaxed and at peace even after one session. You may be able to only do five to ten minutes the first time and that’s okay!

Healthier mind, healthier you

Deep inside us, we carry a source of wisdom, peace and happiness. With meditation, we can access these by pushing away all those worries and stress away. Time for a healthier you!

Your health comes first

Start with these to get the best out of your mental health.

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