Things You Can Do With Your
Friends Over the Internet

With the on-going Pandemic, we may miss a variety of activities and experiences but the one thing we may really miss the most is our friends.

Well, it may just be time to re-live some fond moments with your friends over a few activities on the internet. Who said you had to go out for these “outings”? Get ready and gear up for a good time!

Go to the movies

Wouldn’t it be great to watch movies with your friends again? Of course, it would! Pick and choose a movie to your group’s liking from a wide range of films on Netflix.

Once picked, don’t forget to connect with one another before you start as you chat it up with your friends or ask them to be keep quiet during the good parts. Ready up the popcorn and just press “Play” at the same time! Tickets for six please!

Player one wins!

Who doesn’t love a game or two with our friends? Fun is exactly what happens when we do. There are a plethora of games out there that can be easily accessed in just a few minutes for free!

You read that part right! Fight with each other or team up with one another with these games such as Krunker.io, Codenames and Among Us. Happy Gaming!

Group workout

Okay, time to get healthy guys but this time together. It’s way more fun to workout with friends than doing it by yourself. Guaranteed fun especially with Spotify’s Group Session.

Besides the occasional teasing and banter from your friends, it is actually more motivating. With your friends there, you feel more obliged to complete that last set when they cheer you on. This benefits all parties included so start pumping those irons!

Throw a party…virtually

We know this isn’t something new but we’re surprised that not many people do this on their friend’s birthday or maybe even for a random weekend. You may be surprised at how much this helps with us being cooped up at home with not much outside human interaction. So start opening those wine bottles and confetti!

Never forget your friends

Friends are an essential part of our lives, they’re more than just companionship and people to talk with. Friends are the family you choose.

Bigger the screen, Bigger the fun

The absolute best way to enjoy these activities with your friends is by seeing them as big as possible and what better way than with this device.

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