Troubleshooting Guide for Samsung POWERstick PRO

Last Update Date : Sep 25. 2018

Ready to clean your house but encountered problem with your POWERstick PRO? Please attempt the following basic troubleshooting steps to resolve the issue. If problem persists, contact our Samsung Contact Centre for further assistance.




The vacuum cleaner does not work

• Check the battery level and charge the battery

• Check whether the product is turned off, and then press the power button to turn it on

• Check whether the dustbin or brush is blocked

• If the vacuum has not been used for a long time, charge the battery

Suction force decreases suddenly and the vacuum makes a vibrating sound

• Check whether a brush, dustbin or pipe is clogged with foreign matter and remove it

• Check whether the dustbin is fully filled with dust. If it is, empty the bin

• Check whether the filter is dirty. If it is, clean the filter

• Check the battery level and charge the battery if necessary

The vacuum cleaner cannot be charged

• Confirm that the voltage provided to the battery charger matches the requirements of the charger

• Check if the vacuum cleaner is turned on, and then check if the LED of the battery level indicator is turned on

• Check if foreign matter (dust) is on the charging terminal. Remove any foreign matter with a cotton swab or soft cloth

The rotating brush (drum) inside a brush does not work

• After turning off the vacuum, check whether the brush is clogged with foreign matter. If so, remove the foreign matter. After cleaning the brush, turn on the vacuum again

• Check if the vacuum cleaner is turned on and then turn it off and on again

– For the Soft Action Brush, if the overheating prevention device for the brush motor operates, it may take about 10 minutes of time to cool the motor

An odor is coming from the air outlet of the vacuum cleaner

• Empty the dustbin and clean the filters frequently

– New vacuum cleaner may have a slight odor for the first 3 months after purchase

– If you use the vacuum cleaner frequently, accumulated dirt in the dustbin or dust on the filter may generate an odor

• Replacement filters are available at your local Samsung service agent

After finishing cleaning, foreign matter comes out of

the brush

After finishing cleaning, press and hold the turbo mode button for about 10 seconds to suction up the remaining small dust


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