Screen Protector Application Service for Galaxy Z Flip

Last Update date : Nov 19. 2020

It is important to keep your Galaxy Z Flip screen protected. Hence we are introducing the screen protector application service to all Galaxy Z Flip owners. If your Galaxy Z Flip did not come with a screen protector in its original packaging, you will be entitled to a one-time free screen protector application service. Read on to find out more about this service.

Do I need to pay for the screen protector?

There is no charge for the 1st application of a screen protector if:

a) It is within 12 months of purchase from a Samsung Authorised Retailer; and 
b) Your device did not come with a screen protector in the original packaging.


Any subsequent replacements (whether or not within the 12-month period from date of purchase) or application after the 12-month period from date of purchase will each be charged at $11.95 (including GST).

Where will the screen protector application service be available?

This service is available at all our Samsung Customer Service Centres. Please find the Customer Service Centre nearest to you here. You can book an appointment via Samsung Members or At Your Service before heading down.

How do I know if my Galaxy Z Flip is eligible for this service?

This service is available for all Galaxy Z Flip devices purchased locally via Samsung Authorised Retailers. You may contact us via Samsung Live Chat or call 1800-GALAXYS to reach our Galaxy Z Premier Service consultants to check if your Galaxy Z Flip is eligible for this service.

Should I apply the screen protector myself?

No. Due to the flexible display on the Galaxy Z Flip, the screen protector should only be applied by a Samsung authorised repair technician at Samsung.

Can I utilise pick-up and delivery service for this screen protector application service?

Galaxy Z Premier Service for Galaxy Z Flip provides 2x pick-up and delivery service. You may utilise the pick-up and delivery service to pick up your Galaxy Z Flip, for screen protector application at a Samsung Customer Service Centre*. Once the service is completed, it will be delivered back to you. For more info on the pick-up and delivery service, please refer to the Galaxy Z Premier Service Customer agreement here.


*Pick-up and delivery service for screen protector application is currently not available due to Covid-19 preventive measures.  Further notice will be given when the service resumes.

Can the screen protector application be applied on-site by Samsung repair technician? I do not want to part with my device for longer than necessary.

Specialised equipment is required for the application of the Galaxy Z Flip screen protector that can only be applied in the Samsung Service Centres. Our pick-up and delivery partner is not skilled and equipped to apply the screen protector on the Galaxy Z Flip on-site.

What if I have problem with the screen protector after application?

If you have any issues after the application, you may return to any Samsung Customer Service Centre within 7 days for a complimentary replacement.  Please note that such replacement will be chargeable if there has been any physical damage to the screen protector or if damage has been caused by the customer's own actions (e.g. dropping the device).

Can I remove the Galaxy Z Flip screen protector on my own? Will it damage the flexible screen of the Galaxy Z Flip?

Removal of the Galaxy Z Flip screen protector itself will not cause any screen damage as the screen protector has low adhesive power. However, damage may be caused if you press the display while lifting the parting line. Thus, we strongly recommend that it is best to visit a Samsung Customer Service Center for removal or reapplication of the screen protector, as we will not be responsible for any damage caused by the self-removal or self-reapplication of the screen protector.

What material is the Galaxy Z Flip screen protector made of?

The screen protector is made of Thermoplastic Poly Urethane, commonly abbreviated as TPU. It is a flexible/soft material, which is specially made for foldable display.

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