How to set Samsung Smart TV to receive digital broadcast?

Last Update Date : May 31. 2018

Samsung Smart TV can receive digital broadcast without a set-top box. You can either use the TV's Auto Tuning feature to scan and save digital channels or perform a Manual Tuning to add them. 

To perform Auto or Manual tuning on your TV, follow these steps:

Please note: Depending on the model of your television, the images may vary but the process will be the same

Auto Tuning

Auto TuningClick to Expand
1 Press the Menu button on your remote control and select Broadcasting
2 Select Auto Tuning
Auto Tuning
3 Select the Start button on the prompt
Auto Tuning prompt
4 You may select options according to your preference
Scan channels
5 Select Terrestrial > Digital
Scan channels - Terrestial
Scan channels - Digital
6 Press the Scan button to scan and save channels
Scan channels
7 Once complete the Auto Tuning window will close and you can enjoy your favourite TV channels
Scan channels
Auto Tuning (2015 or older models)Click to Expand
1 Press Menu from your remote control
2 Select Channels > Auto Tuning
3 Tap on Digital Channel Tuning
4 Press Enter on the remote control for the tuning to begin. Once completed, it will automatically exit the Menu screen
Manual TuningClick to Expand

Follow the instructions below for Manual Tuning on your television:

1 On your TV remote select Menu and then select Broadcasting
Menu > Broadcasting
2 Select Expert Settings
Expert Settings
3 Select Manual Tuning
Manual Tuning
4 Select Digital Channel Tuning
Digital Channel Tuning
5 Select an existing channel to rescan
Digital Channel Tuning
6 Or you may select a new channel to rescan.
Select New channel to scan
7 This will show the signal quality during rescanning. Exit once complete.
New channels
Manual Tuning (2015 or older models)Click to Expand
1 Press Menu from your remote control
2 Select Channels > Manual Tuning
3 Tap on Digital Channel Tuning
4 Select New to tune in a new channel. The New Channel window will appear
5 Choose to select between Channel or Frequency
6 After typing the desired channel or frequency, select Search and press Enter from your remote control
7 Once the channel is located select Save/Store and press Enter on your remote control to confirm

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