CM1519 Commercial Microwave 1500W, 26L (Stackable)

Enjoy peace of mind with a 3 Year Warranty Experience faster cooking with the powerful Dual Magnetron 5 Power Levels
Colour Silver

Prepare more dishes at once

A large 26L capacity means they can accommodate multiple dishes or plates at once or a large container of up to 370 x 370 mm, such as a 2/3 Gastronorm. So you can quickly cook or reheat multiple portions of food.

Prepare more dishes at once

Easily keep hygienically clean

A durable, heavy gauge stainless steel body and cavity make it really simple to keep the inside and outside hygienically clean. As well as being easy to wipe clean, stainless steel is inherently robust and sturdy.

Easily keep hygienically clean

Simply cleaner & more hygienic

An easily removable air filter makes it very simple to maintain professional quality cleanliness in your kitchen. As it’s located at the front, you can easily remove and assemble it without moving the microwave oven.

Simply cleaner & more hygienic

Cook without extra trays

‘The BaseMax™ fixed ceramic base gives you access to the entire microwave, ideal for cooking larger meals or multiple meals at once. With a smooth surface and no gaps around the edges it is also very easy to clean.’

Cook without extra trays
Three Waves are Better Than One.
Three Waves are Better Than One.

At Samsung, we pride ourselves on improving every product we make with innovative technologies. Our Triple Distribution System ensures that everything from pizza to warm milk comes out perfectly prepared and delicious every time thanks to three microwave distribution points. With our microwave ovens, you’ll enjoy consistently even, thorough cooking.

  • General Information
    • Capacity 26L
    • Heat Source Microwave
    • Power Level 5
    • Power
      Output Power (Max)
      1,500 W
      Power Consumption (Microwave)
      Power Source
      230 V / 50 Hz
    • Cavity Interior Stailess steel
    • Display Type VFD
    • Control Method Tact & Dial
    • Door Opening Type Handle
    • Microwave Distribution Stirrer
    • Installation Commercial
    • Language Option No
  • General Features
    • Various Cooking Mode No
    • Max Cooking Time 50 min
    • More/Less Yes
    • Cooking Stages Yes
    • Weight/Serving Control No
    • One Minute/30 sec Plus 20 sec+
    • Preheat No
    • Auto Cook No
    • Auto Steam Cook No
    • Sensor Cook No
    • Turntable On/Off No
    • Deodorizer No
    • Reminder End Signal Yes
    • Setting (My Choice)
      Child Lock
      Clock System Option (12H/24H)
      Sound Option
    • Grill Heater No
    • Others No
    • Option No
  • Accessory
    • Rack
    • Steam Cleaning No
    • Steam Cooker No
    • Power Steam Bowl No
    • Crispy Tray No
    • Rotisserie No
    • Cook Book No
    • Others No
  • Physical Specification
    • Dimension
      Cavity (WxHxD)
      Outside (WxHxD)
      464*368*557 mm
      Gross (WxHxD)
    • Weight
    • Loading Quantity

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Manual Download

CM1519 Commercial Microwave 1500W, 26L (Stackable) (CM1519/XEU)


14 Sep, 2015

User Manual(EU Environmental Regulatory)


24 Apr, 2014

User Manual ver 1.0