Samsung host Inspire Manchester 2017 to bring More Good Days to Manchester

On 3rd April, we joined forces with Vodafone to host executives and SME business owners from the Manchester area to explore what makes a good day at work and how businesses can enjoy more of them.

Nov 07. 2017
Samsung host Inspire Manchester 2017 to bring More Good Days to Manchester

During our exclusive Inspire Manchester event at The Lowry Hotel, three special guests took to the stage to share their thoughts.

First up was Sally Wright, Samsung’s B2B Marketing Director. Sally discussed how technology troubles can get in the way of productivity, stopping staff from enjoying a good day at work and ultimately hindering business success. But when technology works as it should and is used innovatively, it’s far more effective and can open up new and exciting business opportunities. As Sally explained, businesses often over-estimate the impact their technology will have on them over the next two years, but under-estimate its impact over the next 10.

Samsung is committed to helping businesses get the most out of their technology right now. By continually communicating with our customers to fully understand their business needs and pain points, we’re able to constantly innovate and develop products that bring more good days to businesses – from the day they launch to when they’re well established and need to stay ahead of the competition.

This is something guests experienced first-hand on the day as we demonstrated how our latest technology, such as Gear VR, S8 and DeX, can benefit businesses immediately and in the future.

Sally also touched upon Samsung’s recent research into how technology could be having a negative impact on the UK’s overall productivity. The research highlights how UK businesses are spending too much time figuring out tech issues instead of focusing on important business matters. The research presented some staggering stats too, including that in small businesses each employee loses nearly four hours every week trying to resolve technology problems. We worked with Think Productive to come up with some top tips on how to improve productivity. Sally shared some of her favourites on the night, including ‘Ninja Email’. You can see the full research and all our tips here .

Finally, Sally presented the winners of our Apprentice Challenge with their prizes. Manchester Metropolitan University students were set the task of creating a new business and marketing it using Samsung technology and a £20 loan. Prizes were awarded for the best marketing video and most profit made – Enter MCR won both, making an incredible £710 profit from their business which created 360° photographs for local businesses. It was a great example of a start-up business putting Samsung technology at the very heart of its proposition and using it to bring more good days to small businesses in the local area.

Our second speaker of the evening was Sami Istephan, Vodafone UK’s Head of Alliances. Sami discussed how Samsung and Vodafone are joining forces to help bring more good days to the North by digitally transforming the region. The government is already building a Northern Powerhouse to boost the local economy, investing in skills, innovation, transport and culture. And Vodafone is supporting this investment, with plans to create 1,400 jobs in the region and invest £36m by 2019. They’re also investing £2bn on their network to keep customers connected. Sami explained how all this digital investment, alongside the government’s plans, is leading to a communications revolution that will create new business opportunities and give greater flexibility to the region’s businesses and employees.

The final speaker of the evening was Olympic rowing legend Sir Steve Redgrave. He had the audience transfixed with his insight into all the hard work and dedication that went into helping him achieve his best days ever – winning gold at five different Olympic Games. Planning and perseverance certainly pays off. Plan for success with technology and you’ll soon be enjoying more good days too.