Access Point Controller WEC8500

The Samsung Access Point Controller WEC8500 is a high-performance WLAN controller, able to simultaneously manage up to 500 access points.
Colour BLACK
Self Organizing Network
Self Organizing Network

The WEC8500 is suitable for environments where both data throughput and voice calls are simultaneously required. The Self Organizing Network (SON) feature that is integrated into the WEC8500 applies mobile telecommunications technology to existing auto cell optimization technology. This automatically adjusts the access point’s Tx power, changing the channel to suit the circumstances of whether data or voice services are needed.

AirMove enables a seamless handover with LTE Technology
AirMove enables a seamless handover with LTE Technology

This controller applied the next-generation Long Terms Evolution (LTE) handover technology for overcoming weaknesses of WiFi handover scheme. AirMove technology lets WEC8500 determine optimal timing and target AP for WiFi devices which need to handover. With this innovative handover technology, constant Wi-Fi service is available for users making voice calls or playing videos. Also, the WEC8500 guarantees greater throughput that is more than double that of general Wi-Fi handover capabilities.

Highly scalable and Powerful platform
Highly scalable and Powerful platform

The WEC8500 comprises of innovative architecture that guarantees speedy network connection and minimal downtime. The controller has two 10G and eight 1G ports for network Interface which are optimized to ensure that users benefit from reliable and scalable WLAN access. Such powerful platform makes the WEC8500 ideally suited to use in mission-critical all wireless envoronment.


Samsung AirEqualizer optimises wireless resources by applying traffic schedule technology to the AP and allocates equal airtime to multiple devices. When numerous devices concurrently connect to an AP, AirEqualizer guarantees best performance by analysing individual connection requirements, typically delivering a gain of 50 or more compared to competitors.

Dedicated Security Monitoring Module
Dedicated Security Monitoring Module

Samsung AP built-in security monitoring module offers RF monitoring, which helps you avoid the need of additional sensors for WLAN security (Wireless Intrusion Prevention System - WIPS). Samsung Access Points ensure a secure wireless service across the network, making it ideally suited for business environments that need to protect confidential information.

  • Management
    • CLI Yes
    • GUI Yes
    • SNMP Yes
    • Syslog Yes
  • Scalability
    • Maximum # of APs 3K (Distributed), 1K (Centralized)
    • # of Client 10000
  • Wireless
    • Spectrum Analysis Yes
    • Radio Resource Management Power, Channel, Coverage Hole
  • Hardware Feature
    • Network Interface 2 10 GE, 8 GE, 1 Console
    • USB 1
    • System Redundancy Yes
    • Redundant Power Yes (Optional)
  • Security Feature
    • AAA Radius Server
    • Authentication 802.1x
    • MAC filtering Yes
    • Encryption DTLS
    • Firewall Yes
  • Network
    • Routing Yes
    • VLANs 1024
    • DHCP Server, Relay, Proxy
    • QoS Policing, 802.1p, Voice Quality Monitoring

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