Reverse the door on your Samsung dryer

Image of front load dryer illustrating that you can Reverse the Dryer Door

If your washer's and dryer's doors bang into each other, you can just reverse the dryer's door. You can't change the direction of the washing machine door, but your dryer door has this capability. Making the switch is easier than you think and only takes a few minutes.

Reverse the dryer door

Note: The exact steps to switch the door's position will vary slightly by model. Please refer to your user manual for instructions specific to your dryer.

Make sure you have a number 2 Phillips head screwdriver so you can complete this procedure.

  1. Unplug the dryer's power cord, and then open the door. Remove the two door hinge screws, lift the door, and then remove it. Place the door on a soft surface or rug to prevent scratches.
    Note: An additional screw is located on the back side of the hinge. This will support the door as you start to remove it.

    Person removing a door hinge screw from Samsung dryer
  2. Remove the two screws that are above and below the small cut-out section in the frame front. On the opposite side of the door opening, remove the two screws above and below the lever holder.

  3. Next, remove the two screws holding the lever holder in place, and then remove the lever holder. Then, reinsert the screws that held the lever holder into the same holes and tighten.

  4. Remove the single screw located in the back of the door hinge. 
    Note: This screw supports the door against the frame, so you don't need to support it yourself when unscrewing or screwing the hinge.

  5. Insert the screw you just removed into the other screw hole located on the back of the door hinge. Then, tighten the screw.

    Person tightening screw into back of door hinge for Samsung dryer
  6. Carefully lift the door, place it on the other side, and then reattach it.

  7. Push the lever holder into the cut-out on the other side of the door opening. Then, insert the screws and tighten.

  8. Using the remaining screws, reattach them to the holes above and below the lever holder.

And that's a wrap! The door reversal is complete. If you misplace parts while reversing the door, such as screws, replacements can be purchased from Samsung Parts.

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