Use Smart Care on your Samsung washer and dryer

Smart Care on phone next to Samsung washer dryer set

Your Samsung washer and dryer have many different buttons and settings you select regularly. However, you may not know what the Smart Care button does if you’ve never used it before. And pressing it seems to make your appliance act weird! Don't fret, the Smart Care feature is designed to help identify the status of your washer or dryer, which is why symbols may appear on your control panel. You just need to use the Samsung Smart Washer/Dryer app to scan the code and decipher what it means.

Note: If your model does not have Wi-Fi capabilities, Smart Care will still function, but all other features of the Samsung Smart Washer/Dryer app will not be compatible.

What is the Smart Care button on my washer and dryer?

Smart Care is a feature of the Samsung Smart Washer/Dryer app (available on Android and iOS). When you press the Smart Care button on your appliance, it will run a self diagnosis on the washer or dryer and then display a code to indicate the current status. Then you can use the app on your phone to interpret the code. The app will identify the code (using your phone's camera, or you can manually draw the code on your phone) and tell you what the code means. Most of the time it will indicate that nothing is wrong, so you would only need to do this if you feel like there might be an issue, but you haven't gotten an error code yet, or you missed a recent error code.

Smart Care button highlighted on Samsung Dryer

If your model supports SmartThings, just use that instead:

The Smart Care feature and the app which houses it was designed for older models of Wi-Fi-capable washers and dryers. This is even though the Smart Care feature itself doesn't use Wi-Fi since it uses the phone's camera instead. Many models have Smart Care but not Wi-Fi, which means the rest of the app will not work with them, but this is still the only way to access Smart Care for those models.

Newer Wi-Fi models use SmartThings instead of this older app. On these models, if you've connected your washer or dryer to SmartThings, any errors that occur on the appliance will already be sent as notifications on SmartThings, although you can still use Smart Care if you want to double-check that everything is okay. The SmartThings app also has a Smart Care function, but it is only enabled once a washer or dryer has been added to your device list, so if your model doesn't support SmartThings, the older app is still the only way to access Smart Care.

Use Smart Care on the Samsung Smart Washer/Dryer app

  1. Make sure you have the Samsung Smart Washer/Dryer app installed on your phone. It can be downloaded from the Play Store on Android devices and from the App Store on iOS devices.

  2. Open the Samsung Smart Washer/Dryer app on your phone.

  3. Tap the Smart Care tab in the app.

    Note: You may have to go through the initial setup if this is your first time using the app.

  4. Tap the Smart Care option, read the information, and then tap Next. If needed, allow the necessary permissions in the app.

  5. Touch the Smart Care button on the washer or dryer. On some models, *Smart Care will appear under a different button (such as Soil) instead of having its own button. Press and hold the button above *Smart Care for a few seconds to activate the feature. 

  6. Use the green dots to align your phone's camera with the code on your washer's or dryer's display. When attempting to scan, it's helpful to hold the camera at an angle and avoid the light reflecting off the control panel. It may take several attempts for the code to be recognized. You can also enter the code manually if you wish.

  7. When the app recognizes the code successfully, it will display on your phone's screen. Keep in mind that the error code may look like a sequence of partial lines instead of a whole number. Make sure it matches the code on the washer or dryer, and then tap OK.

    Recognition result for washer/dryer error code on phone
  8. The app will display the status of your washer or dryer and any relevant troubleshooting steps.
    Note: The app will also keep a record of previous codes for help with troubleshooting.

  9. If you need further assistance, tap the Service Center option in the app.

  10. If you're still seeing errors after using Smart Care, you can further troubleshoot your appliance with our washer or dryer guides.

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