Use Google Assistant on your Samsung Chromebook

Google Assistant on Samsung Chromebook

Google Assistant isn't just available on smart phones and Google Home devices - it's also available on Samsung Chromebooks! This handy virtual assistant can perform tasks on your Chromebook, like searching for files or pictures. You can also use the Assistant to search the web, play music, and do other helpful commands. Once you've set up Google Assistant and Voice Match, all you have to do is say "Ok, Google" and the Assistant will be ready to perform commands for you.

Note: Google Assistant may not be available on all Chromebook models.

Turn on Google Assistant and Voice Match

When you first set up your Samsung Chromebook, you will be asked to turn on Google Assistant as well as Voice Match, which lets the Assistant learn and recognize your voice. If you skipped these steps in the beginning, you can enable them anytime from the Settings menu.

  1. Navigate to and open Settings.

  2. Select Search and Assistant on the left-side menu.

  3. Select Google Assistant under the Search and Assistant section.

  4. Select the switch at the top of the page to turn on Google Assistant.

    Google Assistant switched on
  5. Select the drop-down menu under “Ok Google” and make sure it is set to On (Recommended).

    Note: When using the On (Recommended) setting, the Voice Match feature will only work when the Chromebook is connected to a power source. If you’d like Voice Match to be enabled at all times, select Always on instead.

  6. Next, you should make sure Google Assistant will recognize your voice.

    • If you’ve never used or set up Google Assistant on another device, a popup window will appear when you turn on the “Ok Google” function. In the popup, select I agree, and then follow the on-screen instructions to teach Google Assistant your voice.

    • If you have already used Google Assistant in the past and want to reteach it your voice, select Retrain next to Voice match. Select I agree, and then follow the on-screen instructions to reteach Google Assistant your voice.

  7. When you want Google Assistant to appear, simply say “Ok Google” or “Hey Google” to wake up the assistant. Check out the next section to learn more about giving commands to Google Assistant. Depending on your settings, the Chromebook may need to be connected to a power source in order for Google Assistant to wake up.

Give Google Assistant commands

Google Assistant can perform hundreds of commands, such as opening apps on your Chromebook, telling funny jokes, and more. For example, you can say “Ok Google, set a timer” or “Hey Google, tell me a story.” Check out Google’s guide to see more examples of the types of things you can say.

Before you can give it any commands, you have to wake up Google Assistant first. There are two ways to do this; it depends whether you have Voice Match enabled or not.

  • If Voice Match is not set up, you can still open Google Assistant. Select Launcher, and then select Google symbol (three dots). You can type a command or select the Microphone icon to say a command.

  • When Voice Match is enabled, simply say “Ok Google” or “Hey Google” to make Google Assistant wake up, and then state your command.

With both methods, additional suggestions for the Assistant will appear at the bottom of menu, where you can select them. 

Adjust Google Assistant settings

Do you prefer voice input over typing your commands to Google Assistant? You can change this setting and many others in the Assistant's settings menu. 

  1. Navigate to and open Settings.

  2. Select Search and Assistant on the left-side menu.

  3. Select Google Assistant under the Search and Assistant section.

    Google Assistant highlighted in Chromebook Settings
  4. From here, you can change certain settings.

  5. Select the switch next to Notifications if you’d like to the Assistant to show you notifications.

  6. If desired, you can change your Preferred input from the keyboard to voice. Keep the switch off if you want the keyboard as your preferred input, or turn on the switch if you prefer to use voice.

  7. Select Google Assistant settings at the bottom of the screen to get access to even more settings for your Assistant. From this menu, you’ll be able to adjust your desired language, view your Assistant’s activity, and many other settings.

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