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Set Up and Use Indoor Smart Control on Your Front Load Washer

Before getting started, make sure you have downloaded and installed the Samsung Laundry app.

Connecting Smart Control via a Local Wireless Network

At the top of the screen in the app, you must select Washer to see options and progress for wash cycles, and Dryer for drying progress and cycles. Touch Start New Wash or Start New Load to see you cycle choices in the app. If any buttons are pressed on the unit's display panel while using smart control, the connection will be broken and smart control (hold the signal button for 3 seconds) will need to be re-enabled.

  1. Power on the unit by pressing the Power button.

  2. Press and hold the Temp & Start/Pause buttons simultaneously for 5 seconds. After 5 seconds, the AP menu appears on the LED Screen.

  3. Wait approximately 1 minute and then press the Start/Pause button once. When the Start/Pause button is pressed, AP should start to blink. If you press the Start/Pause button and nothing happens, wait a moment before pressing the Start/Pause button again.

  4. When AP starts to blink, go to your smartphone and press the Settings icon. Select Wireless and networks.

  5. After selecting the menu item, select Wi-Fi settings and then turn on the Wi-Fi.

  6. When the list of available networks appears, select the network to be used (in the images, the network is named KT) and enter the password if necessary.

  7. After you are connected to the selected network, go back to the home screen on your smartphone. Tap the Samsung icon that was added after you downloaded and installed the laundry app. If there is no icon on your home screen, it will be in your apps library.

  8. After opening the Samsung app, select Front Load from the menu and then select Connection Setup.

  9. Tap Settings Start. The Wi-Fi indicator of your phone will blink several times and the screen will show Connecting... while it searches the available access points.

  10. After the access points have been listed, select the Wi-Fi network that your smartphone is connected to.

  11. Enter your network password (if the access point/network has one).

  12. Your smartphone will display Transfer Complete and the unit will display oAP. The mobile phone is now connected to the unit through your network. Press confirm on the mobile phone's prompt.

  13. Press and hold the Temp & Start/Pause buttons for 5 seconds. After 5 seconds the original wash cycle will be displayed on the panel.

  14. After the wash cycle displays, wait about 1 minute. The Wi-Fi icon will begin to blink.

  15. Press and hold the Signal button for 3-4 seconds. The WiFi icon will stop blinking and the unit is now ready to be controlled with your smartphone.

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