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Updating the Samsung SHAPE Speaker Firmware Automatically

Yes, when a new firmware update is available your SHAPE speaker downloads and installs the update automatically while in sleep mode. Firmware updates are important because they add new features and correct issues with the Samsung SHAPE speaker. Although the firmware update function is on by default it can be disabled, if this occurs follow the steps below to enable automatic updates.

You Will Need

  • Samsung Shape Speaker connected to existing Wireless or Wired network. For steps on connecting the SHAPE speaker to an existing Wired or Wireless network click here
  • Smart Device with the Samsung Multiroom App installed. For steps on installing the Multiroom app click here
  • Enable / Disable Automatic Updates

    To enable/disable automatic updates follow the steps below

    1. Using your smart device launch the Samsung Multiroom App by tapping its icon.



    2. The app loads and automatically detects the speaker.

      If the speaker is not automatically detected, click here.



    3. Tap the settings Icon on the top left corner of the screen.



    4. When the settings menu loads look for Software Auto Update and tap it.



    5. All of the SHAPE speakers that are connected to your multiroom app are listed. The name of each speaker is listed to the left along with an on/off switch.



    6. Slide your finger on the switch from left to right to turn the feature on. If successful, an Auto Update turned on message appears at the bottom of the screen.



    7. Your speaker will now automatically update when firmware is available.

    Updating the firmware on your Samsung SHAPE speaker

    Now that we have enabled automatic updates if there is a firmware update available you can force the update on your speaker by placing it into sleep mode.

    Follow the steps below

    1. Press and hold the mute button located on the top of the speaker for 5 seconds.



    2. The three touch panel buttons flash.



    3. Once the front LED light turns off this indicates the shape speaker has been placed into sleep mode successfully.



    4. The speaker begins to update it's firmware automatically, this can take 5 - 30 minutes.
      • The three touch panel lights flash while the update is installing. When the update is complete the shape speaker will power off and on automatically.

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