How to take a screenshot on a Samsung phone or tablet

A screenshot taken on Galaxy S22 Ultra

Whether you've just reached a new milestone in a game or need to save an essential document, taking a screenshot on your Galaxy phone or tablet is a straightforward process. The exact method may vary slightly depending on your device's model, but the functionality is designed to be convenient for capturing images on your device. 

Note: Please note that available screens, settings, and the screenshot function's availability in Secure Folder may differ by wireless service provider, software version, and phone or tablet model.

Use button combinations

For all Galaxy devices, taking a screenshot typically involves the Power and Volume Down buttons. These buttons are generally found on the left side (Volume) and the right side (Power or Side button), although their placement can vary. To capture a screenshot, simultaneously press and release both buttons. The screen's flash indicates a successful capture. On devices with a physical Home button, press the Power and Home buttons together instead.

Volume down and Power key highlighted on the S21 Ultra

Palm swipe method

This gesture-based method allows you to capture a screenshot by swiping the edge of your hand across the screen. It's not supported on all devices, such as the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite due to hardware limitations. To enable it, go to Settings, search for Palm swipe to capture, and toggle it on.

Switch highlighted next to Palm swipe to capture

Voice commands

Utilize Bixby Voice or Google Assistant for hands-free screenshots. Command "Hey Bixby, take a screenshot" for Bixby or "Hey Google, take a screenshot" for Google Assistant. Bixby also supports chained commands like capturing and sharing to Twitter directly.

"Take a screenshot" displayed in a pop-up bubble

Using the S Pen

Devices compatible with an S Pen allow screenshots through Screen write. Remove the S Pen, navigate to the desired screen, tap the Air command menu icon, and select Screen write. The screenshot can then be edited before saving.

Screen write icon highlighted on the Air command menu

Tasks Edge panel

Add the Take screenshot shortcut to the Tasks Edge panel for quick access.

  1. Open the panel by swiping left on the Edge panel handle on the right side of the screen.

  2. Tap the Settings icon at the bottom, and then swipe to and tap the Tasks panel to select it.

  3. Tap Edit under the panel. Your preferred shortcuts will appear on the right side; swipe to and tap Take screenshots on the left side to add this to your shortcuts.

    Note: The Take screenshots shortcut may be automatically added.

    List of tasks with icons on a Galaxy phone
  4. You can also select or deselect additional shortcuts if desired. To remove a shortcut, tap the red minus icon.

    Note: You cannot add more than twelve shortcuts.

  5. Then, navigate to a screen you’d like to capture. 

  6. After adding, simply swipe to the Tasks panel and tap Take screenshots.

    List of tasks on the Tasks panel with a Galaxy phone

Scroll capture

For capturing lengthy content in one image, use Scroll Capture after taking a standard screenshot by tapping the Scroll Capture icon that appears.

Scroll capture options displayed on a Galaxy phone

Viewing and sharing screenshots

Access your screenshots in the Gallery app or through the My Files app under Images.

Album 1 and Group 1 Albums displayed on a Galaxy phone

Sharing immediately after capture or anytime from the Gallery is straightforward, with various options available.

Share highlighted on a Galaxy phone

Additional options

After capturing, you can immediately edit the screenshot through a small menu at the bottom of the screen. Options include cropping or drawing on the screenshot before saving it.

Galaxy Tab S6 showing Additional options from screenshot
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