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What is SketchBook®, and how do I use it on my Samsung Galaxy Note® Pro?

SketchBook® for Galaxy

SketchBook for Galaxy is a powerful sketching application that lets you take advantage of the advanced functionality of your device's S Pen™.

Download the SketchBook user manual from the SketchBook website.

The first time you open SketchBook, you will be required to download and install the application.

1. From the Home screen, touch Apps > SketchBook for Galaxy.

2. Touch OK > Install to download and install the application.

• Downloading via mobile networks may result in additional charges depending on your data plan.
• We recommend connecting to a Wi-Fi® network to download and install the application.

3. Touch I accept on the Software Agreement screen.

4. A quick walk-through will appear after the installation. Swipe to the left to learn about SketchBook. Once you have completed the tour, you will be taken to the application.

Radial Menu

Touch Radial Menu to access the corner tools and brush properties.

To add a brush to the radial menu, select a brush, make modifications to it, set a color, and touch and hold an icon to replace it with your custom brush.

Show Radial Menu, Remember Colors on Radial Menu, and Tap-hold for Color Picker must be turn of in the Info/Settings > Preferences menu.


From the Gallery view, you can create a New Sketch, Save your current sketch, or access your previous sketches in the Gallery.


The Info/Settings view provides you access to the following information and settings:

  • Preferences: Mark the checkbox to turn a feature on.
    • Symmetry: Stop Center: Stop your strokes at the center point when using symmetry.
    • Toolbar Always Visible: Keep the toolbar visible, even when sketching.
    • Help Improve Our Products: Allow SketchBook to collect usage data and share it with the developer.
    • Back for Undo: Touch Back Key to undo an action.
    • Smooth Brush: Make the brush strokes smoother.
    • Use Palettes: Turn on the brush and color palettes.
    • Show Radial Menu: Show the radial menu around the brush ring.
    • Remember Colors on Radial Menu: Save colors you've selected to the radial menu.
    • Tap-hold for Color Picker: Touch and hold the sketch area to open the color picker.
    • Reset Color Swatches: Reset the color swatches to the app defaults.
    • Reset Brush Settings: Reset the brush settings to the app defaults.
    • Reset Preference Settings: Reset the app preferences menu to the app defaults.

  • Pen Mode: When Pen Mode is turned on, you can draw only with the S Pen. You can still open menus and select brushes with your finger, but only the S Pen can draw in the sketch area.
  • Quick Tour: Take a tour of the SketchBook application.
  • User Manual: View and download the SketchBook user manual.
  • About: View information about the SketchBook app.
  • SketchBook News: Visit the SketchBook news page through your browser.


Select from various drawing tools, like Draw Styles and Guides.


Select from a wide variety of brush styles, and adjust the brush properties.


Select a color for your brush. Adjust the Hue, Saturation, and Balance.


View, add, or remove layers of the sketch.

Touch the layer thumbnail to show the options for the layer selected.

  • Visible/Invisible: Set the visibility of the layer.
  • Import Photo: Import a photo from your Gallery into a new layer.
  • Import Camera: Open the camera and import a new photo into a new layer.
  • Duplicate: Duplicate the layer.
  • Lock Transparency: Lock the layer's transparency.
  • Clear: Clear the layer's contents.
  • Merge: Merge the layer with the layer below.
  • Delete: Delete the layer and all of its contents.
  • Opacity: Adjust the layer's opacity.
  • Blending: Select the blending mode for the layer.

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