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Using the Flipboard Application on Your Galaxy Tab S

Use this app to view live social network updates and news in a personalized magazine format.

This app may not be available depending on the region or service provider.

Opening Flipboard for the first time

  1. From the Home screen, touch Apps > Flipboard.


  2. Touch the different topics to customize which content you see. Review the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


  3. Touch Build Your Flipboard to complete setup.


Editing subscriptions

  1. From the Home screen, touch Apps > Flipboard.


  2. Touch the Menu icon and Following.



  3. To delete or change the location of a subscription, touch and hold an item. Then, drag the item to the delete icon or a new location.


  4. To add subscriptions, touch the box labelled Follow some topics and search or touch a topic.



Creating and deleting personalized magazines

A Flipboard account is required to create personalized magazines.

Save various content by creating your own magazine to read later or to share with others.

  1. While you are reading content, touch to add the article to a magazine. Touch to create a new magazine.




  2. Enter a title and an optional description. Touch NEXT to continue.


  3. Share the article with other people or touch SKIP to complete.


  4. To delete magazines, touch the Menu icon and the magazine you wish to delete.



  5. Touch Settings > Delete.



Flipboard settings

  1. From the Home screen, touch Apps > Flipboard.


  2. Touch the Menu icon > Settings.


  3. Here you will see the various available settings:


    • General
      • About - Review information such as version number, terms of use, privacy policy, etc.
      • Help & Feedback - View an in-app help page.
      • Authorize Web Login - Scan a QR code on your computer to quickly log in with the account currently signed into your Tab.

        May require app download.


      • Edit Profile - Edit your full name, username, bio, and/or mark whether your account is private. Touching More Settings brings up the following options:
        • Change Password
        • Change Email
        • Forgot Password?
        • Forgot Username?
        • Delete Account
        • Resend Confirmation Email

      • Sign In / Sign Out - Tap here to sign in. If already signed in, Sign Out will appear. Tap it to sign out.

    • Options
      • Read Later - Read Later is a service that allows you to save stories for offline reading. Connect one of the following accounts to activate this feature: Instapaper, Pocket, or Readability.

        Only one Read Later account may be active at a time.


      • International Content Guides - The International Content Guide allows you to follow local sources from a selected country.
      • Text Size - Change the font size to one of the following: Small, Normal, Large, or Extra Large.
      • Push Notifications - Choose which notifications you will receive.
      • Blocked People - Manage blocked people.
      • Muted Sources - Manage muted sources.
      • Widget Updates - Configure the Flipboard widget update interval. Choose between: Never, Hourly, or Daily.
      • Reduce Data Usage - Configure data usage. Choose between: Full use of mobile data, On demand (tap to load images), or Don't use mobile data (only use WiFi).
      • Content Cache - Configure the cache settings. You may configure the location, configure the maximum size, or clear the cache.
      • Advanced - Choose whether to Show Status Updates, Use Animated GIFs, Show Hints, or Use full screen.

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