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Using Kids Mode on Your Galaxy Tab 4

Kids Mode is an app that you can install on your tablet, which limits your child's exposure to the rest of the tablet. With kids mode, they are still able to watch movies, draw and use various apps. If Kids mode is not installed on your device, click here and download.

Kids Mode and Samsung Kids are not the same. This article applies only to Kids Mode.

If you forget Parental control/kids mode PIN, uninstall the Kids Mode app. Then, re-install.

Installing Kids Mode

Click Here to download Kids Mode app from Google Play Store.

  1. From the Home screen, touch Apps.

  2. Touch Kids Mode

  3. Touch OK on the Install app notice to allow download.

  4. Touch INSTALL to begin installation.

Opening Kids Mode for the First Time

  1. From the Home screen, touch Apps > Kids Mode.

  2. Setup a PIN code.

  3. Enter the Name and Date of birth for the Kids Mode profile. Touch NEXT to continue.

  4. Touch ACCEPT on the Disclaimer to continue.

  5. Touch SKIP if you would like to add apps later, or NEXT if you want to proceed.

  6. Touch FINISH to complete setup.

Kids Mode Home Screen

  1. From the Home screen, touch Apps.

  2. Touch Kids mode.

  3. Swipe to the left page.

  4. If a time limit is set, the time remaining will show.

    If no time limit is set, the view will show the current time.

  5. Touch the remaining to view the current time.

  6. Swipe back to the previous page to access apps. The default icons are:

    Parental Control: Access parental controls such as time limits and available apps.

    Note: The PIN must be entered to access this feature.

    Exit: Touch this icon to exit Kids Mode.

    Note: The PIN must be entered to access this feature.

    Kids Media: View videos saved on the device.

    Note: Videos must be added via parental controls.

    Kids Voice Recorder: Record voices using the Tab's microphone.
    Kids Drawing: Access drawing features. Features include: Drawing on an empty canvas, a coloring book, and drawing in sand.

    Kids Music: Play music saved on the device.

    Note: Music must be added via parental controls.

    Kids Store: View and add additional apps to the Kids Mode home page.

    Note: If accessed from the home page, applications can only be starred, not downloaded. In order to download, navigate to Kids Store section in the parental controls. Any starred applications can be viewed as well as the rest of the Kids Store.

    Kids Gallery: View pictures taken by the Kids Camera, drawings from Kids Drawing, recorded audio from Kids Voice Recorder, and videos from Kids Media.
    Kids Camera: Take pictures and videos using the Tab's cameras. Items such as glasses, hats, and noses can be placed on the image.  


Add Applications

  1. From the Home screen, touch Apps > Kids Mode.

  2. Touch the Parental Control icon.

  3. Enter your current PIN to open parental controls.

  4. Touch Applications.

  5. Touch the Add icon on upper right hand corner.

    If prompted with a disclaimer, touch Accept to agree and continue.

  6. Select the apps you wish to add by touching the box. A green check mark will appear on the selected apps.

  7. Click Done when you're complete.

  8. Not all apps are compatible with Kids mode and you are allowed a maximum of 30 apps in Kids mode.

Change Parental Password

Default PIN code for Kids Mode is set to 0000.

  1. From the Home screen, touch Apps > Kids mode.

  2. Touch the parental control icon.

  3. Enter you current PIN.

  4. Touch More Options > Settings.

  5. Touch Change PIN.

  6. Enter your current PIN to validate and then enter a new PIN.

Setting a Time Limit

  1. From the Home screen, touch Apps > Kids mode.

  2. Touch the Parental Control icon.

  3. Enter your current PIN.

  4. Touch Daily playtime limit.

  5. Select Time limit to turn it on.

  6. The default time limit is 30 minutes. However, the time limit can be adjusted by touching the Settings icon.

  7. Move the circle around the circle  to increase or decrease the time limit by five minute intervals.

    You can set a time limit up to 180 minutes (3 hours). The counter will pop up with the remaining time once it hits the last few minutes. After the time limit has reached, the Sawgator appears sleeping on the screen. The only way to exit this screen is with the parental PIN.

    • Time Remaining

    • Time Limit Reached

Exit Kids Mode

To exit Kids Mode, touch the exit icon and enter your PIN.

Uninstall Kids Mode

  1. From the Home screen, touch Apps.

  2. Touch More Options > Uninstall/disable apps.

  3. Touch minus icon on the app.

  4. Touch UNINSTALL.

Exiting Kids mode without the PIN

You will lose all profiles and saved settings.

  1. Briefly hold down the power button and touch Power Off.

  2. Touch POWER OFF to confirm.

  3. With the device turned off, press and hold the Power button.

  4. Release the Power button once the Samsung logo appears, then press and hold the Volume Down button until the device starts up. 

  5. The device will start up in Safe mode. 

  6. From the Home screen, touch Apps.

  7. Touch More options > Uninstall/disable apps.

  8. Touch the minus icon on the Kids mode app to uninstall.

  9. Touch UNINSTALL to confirm deletion.

    You will lose all saved profiles and saved settings.

  10. To Exit from Safe mode, hold the Power button and touch Restart .

  11. Touch RESTART to confirm.

  12. Once your device reboots, touch the Kids Mode app to Download and re-install the app.

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