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How do I Make and Answer Calls and Text Messages from my Tablet Using SideSync 4.0?

Using SideSync 4.0, you can make and receive calls, and send and receive text messages using your tablet screen the same way you would use your phone screen.

Making and Answering Calls from your Tablet Using SideSync 4.0

You can make a call from your Tablet by using the SideSync.

  1. From the SideSync dashboard, located on your Tablet screen, touch Phone as shown below.

    If your virtual mobile device screen is displayed, touch Phone as shown below.

  2. Touch the numbers on the keypad and touch Dial.

  3. After the call is connected, use the mobile device to talk to the called party.

    Answer a call from your Tablet

  1. When you receive a call using SideSync, the following is displayed on the virtual mobile device screen on your tablet.

  2. On the pop-up, touch Accept and then use your mobile device to talk to the calling party or touch Reject to ignore the call.

    - OR -

    On your mobile device, touch and drag the green, Answer icon to the right to answer the call or touch and drag the red, Reject icon to the left to ignore the call.

Sending and Receiving Text Messages from your Tablet using SideSync 4.0

Create and Send Messages

    This section describes how to create and send a message using the Messages app and SideSync 4.0.

  1. From the virtual mobile device screen, located on your tablet screen, touch Apps > Messages > Compose.

  2. Touch the Enter recipients field to manually enter a recipient or touch the Contact icon to select a recipient from your Contacts or Groups.

  3. Touch the Enter message field enter a message.

  4. Review your message and touch SEND.

    If you exit a message before you send it, the message is automatically saved as a draft.

View New Messages  From Dashboard

    When you receive a new message, a new message icon appears on the SideSync dashboard.

  1. Touch the envelope icon to take you to your Messages inbox.

  2. Touch the message to read it.


View New Messages from Virtual Mobile Device Screen

    If  you have the Message app icon on  your Home screen, the Message app will display the number of messages you have.

  1. To view the message, touch Messages on the virtual mobile device screen. 

    – OR –

    From a Home screen on the virtual mobile device screen, tap Apps > Messages, then touch the new message to view it.

    To play a multimedia message (audio or video), touch Play.

    To scroll through the list of messages, swipe up or down the page.


Delete Messages

    To delete messages, follow these steps:

  1. From a Home screen, touch Apps > Messages.

  2. Touch MORE > Delete.

  3. Touch each message you want to delete or select the check box at the top to select all.

  4. Touch DELETE.

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