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Connecting an External Device to the Aux Port(s) on Your MX-FS9000

This method uses a 3.5mm stereo cable (analog) which is NOT included and must be purchased separately. These cables can be purchased at local electronic stores, online retailers, or from samsungparts.com. Keep in mind that the type of cable you need depends on the type of device you are connecting. For example, if the external device you are connecting does not have a 3.5 mm aux port you may need an RCA to stereo cable (red and white audio cables on one end and 3.5 mm on the other end) so it's important to check what type of port your external device has and then purchase the appropriate cable. Your Giga sound system comes with two 3.5 mm ports, Aux in 1 on the front panel and Aux in 2 on the back of the system.

Connecting Your External Device and Portable Speaker

  1. Connect one end of the analog audio cable to your external device. For example, if connecting a cell phone you would connect the cable end to the headphone jack where audio is output.
  2. Connect the other end of the analog audio cable to to the Aux IN port on the front or rear of the Giga sound system.
  3. Power on your external device and play a track.
    • Power on your Giga sound system and press the Tuner/Aux button (located on the top left corner of the remote) to toggle through available inputs, select Aux 1 if you used the front Aux port, select Aux 2 if you used the Aux port on the back of the system. All audio that is played by your external device will now output through Giga sound system.
      • If you have no audio, verify the stereo cable is plugged in all the way on the Giga sound system and connected device.
      • Verify the media you are playing has audio by playing the media and disconnecting the stereo cable from the connected device. Verify there is audio and then reconnect the stereo cable.
      • Try a second stereo cable, the first one may be defective.
      • Try connecting your external device to a Home Theater System or another audio device and verify it is outputting audio through the output jack.
        • If there is no audio, the port on your external device is failing.
        • If there is audio, your external device is working properly. The problem may be caused by the Giga sound system. Connect a second external device to your Giga sound system using the stereo cable and verify there is audio. If there is no audio, your speaker requires service.