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How do I use the text messaging application on my Samsung Galaxy S5 Sport?

Your mobile device can send text messages (Short Message Service—SMS) and multimedia messages (Multimedia Messaging Service—MMS). You can send messages, pictures, and videos via text message.

Set Default Messaging Application

Some devices may come with other applications set as the default for messaging.

1. Touch Apps .

2. Touch Settings.

It may be necessary to switch the Settings menu to list view by touching More options More Options Icon > View as > List view.

3.Scroll to and touch Default applications or Applications > Default applications.

4. Touch Messaging app.

5. Select the messaging application you want to set as your default for sending text and multimedia messages.

Send a Text Message

If you exit a message before sending it, a draft will be saved.

1. From the Home screen, touch Apps.

2. Touch Messages.

3. Touch Create Message to compose a message.

4. Touch the Enter recipients field to manually enter a recipient, or touch Person Icon add a recipient from Contacts or Groups.

5. When you enter a recipient's name manually, your device will display the possible matches as you type. Touch the contact in the list to add it.

6. Touch the Enter message field to begin composing your message. 

Touch Smile to insert an emoticon.

7.Touch Send to send the message.

Delete a Text Message

Delete a Single Message

1. Touch the thread containing the message you want to delete.

2. Touch and hold the message for 1–2 seconds, and then touch Delete.

3. Touch DELETE to confirm the message deletion.

Delete Message Threads

1. From the inbox, touch and hold a message thread.

2. Mark the checkbox for each message thread you want to delete, or mark the checkbox at the top of the screen to select all of the message threads. All messages in the thread will be deleted.

3 .Touch Junk Box.

Add an Attachment to a Text Message

1. From the Home screen, touch Apps.

2. Touch Messages.

3. Touch Create Message to compose a message.

4. Touch the Enter recipients field to manually enter a recipient, or touch person Icon to add a recipient from Contacts or Groups.

5. Touch the Enter message field to begin composing your message.

6. Touch Clip to add an attachment.

7. Select the type of attachment, and then select the attachment you want to send.

Attachment options vary based on applications installed and features turned on.


8. When your message is ready, touch Send Message to send it.

Save an MMS Attachment

Save an Attachment

When you receive an MMS message, you can save the attachment to your device and access it from other applications.

1. From the message thread, touch the attachment to view it.

2. Touch Save Icon to save the attachment.

If the save option is not displayed, touch the screen again.


Save Multiple Attachments

If the message has multiple attachments, you can save all of them at once.

1. Touch and hold an attachment, and then touch Save attachment.

2. Mark the checkbox for each attachment you want to save, or mark the Select all checkbox to save all of the attachments. Touch SAVE to copy the files to your device.

Text Message Options

From the inbox, touch More options > Settings for the following options. Options may vary depending on your wireless service provider.

  • Default messaging app: Choose your primary messaging application.
  • Display:
    • Bubble style: Choose how the message bubble will display.
    • Background style: Choose the background for the conversation screen.
    • Change font size: Press the Volume keys to change the message font size.

  • Quick responses: Choose from preinstalled messages, or create and save your own.
  • Text messages:
    • Auto combination: Messages that have been broken into multiple segments are combined into a single message upon delivery.

  • Multimedia messages:
    • Group conversation: Messages to multiple recipients are sent as group messages.
    • Auto retrieve: Have your device automatically retrieve MMS messages.
    • Roaming auto retrieve: Have your device automatically download files while roaming.
    • MMS alert: Receive an alert when the message mode changes to multimedia.

  • Delete old messages: Automatically delete messages when the maximum limit has been reached.
  • Priority senders: Enable the selection of priority senders whose contact information and conversations are quickly available at the top of the Messages screen.
  • Notifications:
    • Notifications: Receive notifications when you receive messages.
    • Notification sound: Choose a default notification sound.
    • Vibrations: Have your device vibrate when a new message is received.
    • Repeat message alert: Receive alerts at regular intervals when new messages are waiting.
    • Pop-up display: Display new messages as pop-ups on any screen outside the Messages application, except for the lock screen.
    • Preview message: Display a preview of new messages in the status bar and on the lock screen.

  • Emergency alerts:
    • Emergency alerts: Set which types of alerts to receive.
    • Emergency notification preview: Play a sample emergency alert tone.
    • Vibrations: Vibrate for emergency alerts.
    • Alert reminder: Receive reminders for alerts you have not yet viewed at intervals you specify.

  • Signature: Add a signature to your messages.
  • Spam filter:
    • Add to spam numbers: Enter phone numbers to mark as spam.
    • Add to spam phrases: Enter phrases to mark as spam.
    • Block unknown senders: Block messages from unknown senders.

  • Delay message sending: Have the ability to cancel messages within a specified period of time after you send them.
  • Safe mode: Settings may help protect you from opening unsafe links, such as from phishing scams.

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